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Stories from the class of 1982

Liberal Arts Hocus Pocus?

Chris Rollyson ʼ82 Not hardly. Business consultant Chris Rollyson ’82 describes how liberal arts passions have a way of working out in unexpected and profitable ways.

London Holiday

Amy (Vargo) Buttery ʼ82 When Christmas dinner prep was interrupted by a kidney stone, these K friends crashed a hospital party. Amy (Vargo) Buttery ʼ82 and Betty (Johnston) Rudolph ʼ82 share the story

A Lifetime of Friendship

Craig Mueller ʼ82 Jason Muller ʼ83 and Leslie Simmer ʼ82 talk about the friendship that started during freshman orientation and continues to this day.

To Not Be American

Linda (Zalkauskas) Hahn ’82 A good measure of study abroad immersion occurred in a hitchhiking story shared by Linda (Zalkauskas) Hahn ’82.

Beach Party

Karen (Hink) Anderson ʼ82 Summer quarter parties sometimes seem a joy forever.  Karen (Hink) Anderson ʼ82 recalls one in Crissey Hall in 1980 that she sure considered a thing of beauty.