Environmental Studies


The Concentration in Environmental Studies

Six units are required.

Take at least one course from each of the four numbered groups listed below (* indicates that a course has a pre-requisite course, usually a 100-level course in the same department), and two additional courses from any of the groups or the additional elective list. Study Abroad courses, Independent Study courses, and Senior Individualized Projects may be approved on a case by case basis; please consult with the Program Director.

Four required courses (one from each of four numbered groups below):

  1. Natural Science

ENVS 115 Environmental Science (to be taken as early as possible)

2Social Science

ECON 235 Environmental and Resource Economics* (highly recommended)

ANSO 232 Nature and Society

ANSO 252 Political Ecology of Waste*

ANSO/ENVS 350 Political History of Western Environmental Thought*

ANSO/ENVS 365 Humans and Non-Humans*

POLS 267 Environmental and Political Theory

3. Arts & Humanities

ARTX 234 Structure & Space

ENGL 151 Reading the World: Environments: Gardens

ENGL 156 RTW: Social Justice

ENGL 217 World Indigenous Literatures

ENGL/SEMN 435 American Indian Literature and the Law*

HIST 212 American Environmental History

HIST 217 History of Leisure and Recreation in America

PHIL 108 Ecological Philosophy

PHIL 310 Critical Social Theory

4. Senior Seminar (must have senior standing to enroll)

ENVS 490 Senior Seminar

ENVS/SEMN 401 Energy & Environmental Policy

SEMN 408 Slow Farming







Two additional elective courses selected from any courses listed above or below:

Elective Courses (do not count as one of four required categories):

BIOL/ENVS 195 Science and Social Justice

BIOL 224 Ecology & Conservation*

BIOL 232 Plant Biology

CHEM 240 Analytical Chemistry*

BIOL 396 Entomology*

BIOL 485 Topics in Biology: Trees*

BIOL 498 Urban Ecology*

* indicates that a course has a pre-requisite, usually a 100-level course in the same department

Note: New courses with environmental or sustainability themes may be approved throughout the year that are not on the elective list. Students are encouraged to ask the Program Director for permission to count such courses as electives for the concentration. Additional special topics one-time course offerings may count as electives depending on content (e.g. ENGL, RELG); please discuss the suitability of these courses with the Program Director.