Community and Global Health

Program Information

Professors: Alison A. Geist and Karika Parker

The Community and Global Health (CGHL) interdisciplinary concentration enables students to broadly explore the determinants and consequences of individual and community health, critically examine relevant global, national, and local policies and programs, and learn theories and methodologies important to the study of public health. The concentration requires completion of an experiential component, so students gain and apply practical skills through community-based courses and projects, internships, study abroad, and/or research. Students explore the structures and systems that shape wellness, longevity, disease, and disability, and their disproportionate distribution across gender, race, class, sexual and gender identity, age, nationality, statelessness, incarceration or documentation status, and place of residence. Emphasizing our collective and individual responsibility to advance health equity, the concentration prepares students, as engaged members of their communities, to recognize the spectrum of contemporary global health issues and to exercise intellectual and practical skills in response. It also prepares students interested in careers in public health or human, dental, or veterinary medicine and the allied health professions for graduate and professional school.