Marquise Griffin ’15 Selected to Attend National Student Leadership Forum on Faith and Values

Marquise Griffin
Marquise Griffin ’15

Marquise Griffin ’15 has been selected to attend the 2012 National Student Leadership Forum on Faith and Values in Washington, D.C., Nov. 2-4. Convened by members of Congress, the Forum brings together college students from the United States and abroad to interact with fellow students, recent graduates, young professionals, and established adults from the political, business, and social service sectors.

Marquise was nominated by Kalamazoo College Chaplain Liz Candido ’00. He’s a student chaplain at K and co-leader of the Christian Student Organization. Marquise is active in the K Black Student Organization, K-Crew, Caribbean Society, and Poetry Collective, and he’s working with other K students to create a student fitness organization on campus.

The St. Louis, Missouri-native also engages in service-learning as a tutor in the Community Advocates for Parents and Students (CAPS) program in Kalamazoo. He intends to declare a major in English during winter quarter 2013. A lifelong martial arts enthusiast, Marquise is on his way to meeting his goal to earn a “black belt” in at least seven martial arts categories. Martial arts allow him “to meld my spirituality, mental/intellectual abilities, and physical fitness into a lifelong journey of self improvement and service to others,” he said. “As a Christian, I view service to be a top priority. Christ taught us to serve others with love, because love is the greatest force.”