Weimer K. Hicks Award

Dr. Paul Sotherland

Dr. Paul Sotherland

The Weimer K. Hicks Award honors a current or retired employee of the College who has provided long-term support to the College programs or activities beyond the call of duty, or who has provided excellent service in the performance of his or her job, making a significant contribution to the College in ways that have advanced the goals of the Alumni Association. This award is typically given to an employee upon retirement or conclusion of a specific period of special service. The 2016 recipient of the Weimer K. Hicks Award is Dr. Paul Sotherland. If you know someone like this, please nominate them today!

Past Recipients

The year of induction follows the recipient’s name.
George Acker 1999
Rolla L. Anderson 1997
Marigene Arnold 2008
Laurence N. Barrett 1997
Tom Breznau 2014
Wen Chao Chen 1994
Ruth L. Collins 1996
C. Kim Cummings 2010
Billie Fischer 2009
Joe Fugate 1998
Conrad Hilberry 2005
Marilyn Hinkle ’44 1995
Billie Fischer 2009
Donald C. Flesche 2001
Marilyn LaPlante 2004
Letita Loveless 2002
Paul Manstrom 2015
John R. McFarland 1994
George M. Nielsen 1995
Paul Olexia 2007
Sally Olexia 2007
Bernard S. Palchick 2006
Romeo Phillips 2003
Eleanor Humphrey Pinkham ’48 1993
Thomas M. Ponto 2011
Marcia Price 2000
Joellen L. Silberman 2013
T. Jefferson Smith 1993
Richard T. Stavig 1993
Kathryn N. Stratton 1993
Babette Trader 2002
John Wickstrom 2012
Ruth Ziegelmaier 1994