Political Science


Requirements for the Major in Political Science

Number of Units
Nine units are required, not including the SIP.

Required Courses
POLS 105 Introduction to U.S. Politics: Theory and Practice
POLS 106 Introduction to Comparative Politics
POLS 107 Introduction to International Politics
POLS 490 Contemporary Behavior, Theory, and Methodology

ONE of the following:

POLS 257 Justice and Political Community: Classical Political Thought
POLS 260 Liberty, Equality, and Authority: Modern Political Thought
POLS 263 American Political Thought

The political science department requires all majors to pass a written comprehensive examination covering the fields of U.S. politics, comparative politics, international politics, and political theory. In addition, the department strongly encourages students to complete their introductory courses prior to leaving for study abroad.

Requirements for the Minor in Political Science

Number of Units
Six units are required.

Required Courses
POLS 105 Introduction to American Government
Five additional political science courses

Off-Campus Credits

One Political Science course from off-campus (study abroad or transfer credit) may count for credit toward the Political Science major or minor. Students must formally petition the department for approval of the course and provide the necessary materials (e.g. syllabus, notes, papers, etc.) for review. In general, the Political Science Department will accept for credit only a course that is not offered at Kalamazoo College.