Critical Theory Concentration


Requirements for the Concentration

Number of Units
6 units

Required Course
PHIL 208 19th-Century Philosophy: The Critique of Modernity

Five additional courses taken from at least three different departments:

ANSO 225 Sex and Sexualities
ANSO 236 Race and Racism
ANSO/ENVS-365 Humand and Non-Humans
ARTX 224 20th-Century Art
ARTX 227 Modern Art Museum
ARTX 290 Art and Gender
ARTX 370 Global Souths and Others
ARTX 491 Ways of Seeing: Methods in Visual Analysis
ENGL 318 Post-Colonial Literature
ENGL 435 Advanced Literary Studies: American Indian Literature and the Law
ENGL 436 Advanced Topics in Literary Theory
PHIL 211 Philosophy of Law
PHIL 212 Philosophy of the Social Sciences
PHIL/SEMN 215 Human Rights & International Law
PHIL 306 Philosophy of Language
PHIL 310 Critical Social Theory
PHIL 311 Postmodern Critical Theory
POLS 260 Liberty, Equality, and Authority
POLS/WGS 265 Feminist Political Theories
POLS 320 Democracy and Democratic Theory
PSYC 330 Interviewing and Narrative Analysis
RELG 202/SEMN 230 Same-Sex, Gender, and Religion
WGS 390 Feminist and Queer Inquiry