“The Cauldron” Unveiled

By Elaine Ezekiel ’13

“Sight and Voice Revealed: Unveiling the Cauldron,” was the theme of the Week 6 (May 4) Community Reflection in Stetson Chapel. With support from the Student Activities Fee, each member of the audience received a free copy of the 32nd edition of the literary magazine, which features art, photography, and writing created by K students.

Editors Cam Stewart ’12 and Rebecca Staudenmaier ’12 discussed the Cauldron’s ability to unite students across interests and talents:

“We are the community bound at the book’s spine,” said Staudenmaier.

Writer-in-Residence Diane “Di” Seuss presented the Stephanie Vibbert Award to Erin Donevan ’12. This accolade memorializes the English/psychology double-major from Class of 2003 who died during her senior year at K. The award honors a current student whose writing exemplifies the intersection between creative writing and community engagement. Seuss said that Vibbert would have endorsed Donevan’s work promoting creative writing in Botswana and Kalamazoo.

The College’s Writing Center Director Amy Newday announced the three winners of the Divine Crow Award, which is bestowed on writers of outstanding Cauldron entries. Newday said the winners “wove connections for me through time, space and experience.” They were Paul Lovaas ’13 (for his nonfiction short story “Darkrooms”)Fran Hoepfner ’13 (for her poem “to shatter when dropped”), and Kelly Bush ’12 (for her fantasy short story “Ariadne”). Each student read excerpts from their winning work.

Divine Crow Award runners-up were Umang Varma ’14Carolyn Stordeur ’12 and Nicholas Canu ’12.

Community Reflection offers a unique forum for discussion, worship, performance, and community expression each Friday at 10:50 AM (refreshments at 10:30) in Stetson Chapel. The entire campus community and general public are invited. Week 7 (May 11) Reflection will be “Perspectives from a Global K,” in which members of the International Student Organization share their experiences and reflections about current global issues