Kalamazoo College Wins Educational Impact Award

Logo for the 2013 Catalyst AwardsKalamazoo College won a 2013 Southwest Michigan First Catalyst Award in the category of Educational Impact. K was one of 50 companies, organizations, and individuals that received awards for this year’s Southwest Michigan First Catalyst Awards.

Since 2005 Catalyst Awards have recognized contributions that help create jobs and economic growth in the Southwest Michigan area. The award is a hand-blown glass sculpture created by local artist Judith Konesni (Tidal Wave Glass); it symbolizes a commitment to excellence.

Founded in 1999 and comprised of eight Michigan counties, Southwest Michigan First promotes business growth by providing business-to-business marketing, supply chain recruitment, work force development, capital acquisition, site selection, consulting services, brand development, and efficient government. Its board of directors includes Kalamazoo College President Eileen B. Wilson-Oyelaran.