Faculty News

Daniela Arias-Rotondo of JAWS Chemistry Seminars JAWS Shreds Stereotypes, Spotlights Diverse Chemists (6/9/2021) - When you hear it’s time for JAWS, don’t fear a shark attack. Instead, get ready for a chemistry seminar featuring Kalamazoo College Assistant Professor of Chemistry Daniela Arias-Rotondo, who is challenging the stereotypical image that comes to mind when we picture a scientist. JAWS, or Just Another (Chemistry) Webinar Series, gives scientists from underrepresented groups a chance to be heard, and undergrads and postdocs a chance to share their
Ryan Fong_fb K Professor Wants More Diversity in Victorian Studies (6/1/2021) - A Kalamazoo College English faculty member has helped develop a project that ensures his field will be inclusive and engaging with scholars from underrepresented groups. Associate Professor of English Ryan Fong is one of four scholars from around the country who founded Undisciplining the Victorian Classroom, a digital humanities project that reimagines how to teach Victorian studies
Awake, Arise production fights injustice Conductors Fight Social Injustice with ‘Awake, Arise!’ (5/4/2021) - Based on a tune originally written during the plague, “Awake, Arise!” revitalizes a 500-year-old melody with the words of Black authors, activists and artists who breathe new life into the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. The result is a dramatic musical composition calling on audiences to acknowledge injustice and work together to change the world. Bach’s cantata
Britta Seifert_fb Current Events, Student Interest Prompt Growth in Community and Global Health (5/4/2021) - Combine students who are enthusiastic about social justice, growing global and domestic disparities in health exacerbated by a pandemic, and alumni who care about making a difference, and the result is a notable uptick in interest this year in Kalamazoo College’s community and global health concentration. Interest has grown from about 24 students in an average year
Lux Esto Recipient Kiran Cunningham_fb Founders Day Honors Three, Marks College’s 188th Year (4/23/2021) - Professor of Anthropology Kiran Cunningham '83 is this year’s recipient of the Lux Esto Award of Excellence. The award, announced Friday to celebrate Founders Day, marking the College’s 188th year, recognizes an employee who has served the institution for at least 26 years and has a record of stewardship and innovation. The recipient—chosen by a committee with
Alyssa Maldonado-Estrada religion scholars Sacred Writes Professor Joins Other Religion Scholars to Extol Research (4/15/2021) - When religion scholars share information about their research outside their academies, they help the general public understand matters of the sacred and the importance of religion and religious diversity in contemporary life. Enter Kalamazoo College Assistant Professor Alyssa Maldonado-Estrada. Sacred Writes, a network of religion scholars committed to helping a broad global audience understand the significance of
cMUMMA-Lucasse-Award-Peter-Erdi-lo-9301_fb K Professor’s Book Earns High Rankings Abroad (4/13/2021) - If we compiled a list that ranks the coolest things Kalamazoo College faculty members have achieved as authors, Péter Érdi’s latest accomplishment would be on it. Érdi, the Henry R. Luce Professor of Complex Systems Studies, wrote the 2019 book Ranking: The Hidden Rules of the Social Game We All Play. The book examines how and why
Judith and William Bollinger Endowed Professorship in Computer Science Gift Will Create New Endowed Professorship in Computer Science (4/7/2021) - A generous gift from a Kalamazoo College alumna and her spouse will support the institution’s students and its strategic plan, Advancing Kalamazoo College: A Strategic Vision for 2023, by funding the Judith and William Bollinger Endowed Professorship in Computer Science. “We are deeply honored and grateful to the Bollingers for this wonderful gift,” Kalamazoo College President Jorge
David Barclay Endowed Scholarship in History Barclay Endowed Scholarship Honors Retired Professor (3/30/2021) - Alumni, current and retired faculty and staff, and friends of the College have established the David E. Barclay Endowed Scholarship in History to honor Professor Barclay and his 43 years at the College. Professors Emeriti David Strauss and John Wickstrom were the driving forces behind the fundraising initiative to create this scholarship. “News of the new scholarship
New Biochemistry Major Formulates Student Options (3/26/2021) - Prospective students interested in science-based careers will have another reason to choose Kalamazoo College this fall. That’s when the Chemistry Department will offer both a chemistry and a biochemistry major. The new biochemistry major will expand the information addressed through the interdepartmental concentration currently offered at the College. Biochemists commonly work in private industries, pharmaceutical and government