Board of Trustees

2018-2019 Officers of the Board

S. Si Johnson, Chair

James A. Clayton
, Vice Chair

Hans P. Morefield, Treasurer

Karen Sisson, Assistant Treasurer

Amy S. Courter, Secretary

Melanie K. Williams, Assistant Secretary

Members of the Board

Hashem Akhavan-Tafti ’82, President /Chief Science Officer, AhuraTech LLC, Howell, Michigan

Judith L. Bollinger ’77, Founder, Judico Capital Pte. Ltd., London, England

Christine Bodurow ’79, Vice President, Global Regulatory Affairs, Data Sciences, Safety and Regulatory, IQVIA, Indianapolis, IN

Erran D. Briggs, II ’14, Internal Medicine Resident, Navy Medical Center Portsmouth, U.S. Navy, Portsmouth, VA

Martha L. Campbell ’72, Former US Ambassador to the Republic of the Marshall Islands, Venice, Florida

Jody Clark ’80, Former Senior Vice President, Business Development, Realterm, Annapolis, Maryland

James A. Clayton ’78, Former Senior Managing Director, General Electric Capital, New Canaan, Connecticut

Amy S. Courter ’83, Principal, Azimuth Centers of Excellence, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Jonathan R. Cunningham ’84, Principal and Founder, Aequitas Advisors, LLC, Stamford, Connecticut

Gwen A. Fountain ’68, Former Director of Investment Management, Indianapolis Children’s Museum, Bonita Springs, Florida

Mark G. Ghafari ’14, Director-Senior Wealth Advisor, Strategies Wealth Advisors, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Jorge G. Gonzalez, President, Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Charlotte H. Hall ’66, Former Senior Vice President and Editor, Orlando Sentinel, Newtown Square, Pennsylvania

Donald L. Hafner ’66, Former Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs, Boston College, Belmont, Massachusetts

Kelsey M. Hassevoort ’12, Research Development Specialist, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, Illinois

James N. Heath ’78, 3L Coaching LLC, Richland, Michigan

Edwin R. Hortelano, ’83, Senior Vice President, Materials Engineering and Development, 3D Systems, Rock Hill, South Carolina

S. Si Johnson ’78, Former Group President, Stryker MedSurg Group, Richland, Michigan

John H. Kittredge, Former Partner, Fabri-Kal Corporation, Richland, Michigan

Teresa L. Kline ’80, Former President and CEO, EVP Henry Ford Health System, Health Alliance Plan, Dunwoody, Georgia

Christopher U. Light ’89, Finance Leader, Dow Chemical, Midland, Michigan

Alexander C. Lipsey ’72, Chief Circuit Judge, Kalamazoo County Circuit Court, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Milo R. Madole ’12, Attorney, Dykema Gossett PLLC, Detroit, Michigan

Hans P. Morefield ’92, CEO, CHESS Health, Rochester, New York

Donald R. Parfet H’13, Managing Director, Apjohn Group, LLC, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Gail A. Raiman ’73, Former President, Raiman Consulting, Arlington, Virginia

Christopher P. Reynolds ’83, Deputy Chief Officer, General Administration & Human Resources, Toyota Motor Corporation; Chief Administrative Officer – Manufacturing & Corporate Resources, Toyota Motor North America, Inc., Plano, Texas

Mary Beth Sarhatt, Community Volunteer, Kalamazoo, Michigan

William R. Stoeri ’78, Managing Partner, Dorsey and Whitney, LLP, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Jon L. Stryker ’82, President and Founder, Arcus Foundation, New York, New York

Bonnie Wachter Swenby ’69, Retired Dentist, Oxboro Dental Care, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Amy E. Upjohn, Community Volunteer, Richland, Michigan

M. Elizabeth Washington’94, Vice President, Community Health, Equity & Inclusion , Bronson Healthcare, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Emeriti Trustees

John W. Brown H’03, Portage, Michigan, served 1980–95

Rosemary K. Brown, Portage, Michigan, served 1998–2009

Roger E. Brownell ’68, Fort Myers, Florida served 1993–2016

Lawrence D. Bryan, Martinsville, Indiana, served 1990–96

Phillip C. Carra ’69, Fennville, Michigan, served 1990–2008

Joyce K. Coleman ’66, Dallas, Texas, served 1990–2008

Harold J. Decker ’67, Kalamazoo, Michigan, served 2010-2019

James H. Duncan, Santa Fe, New Mexico, served 1985–96

Marlene C. Francis ’58, Ann Arbor, Michigan, served 1980–98

Harry T. Garland ’68, Los Altos, California, served 1987–2005

Alfred J. Gemrich ’60, Delton, Michigan, served 1975–93

Otha Gilyard H’01, Columbus, Ohio, served 1979–97

Robert P. Kittredge, Kalamazoo, Michigan, served 1975–93

Robert O. Kramer H’07, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, served 2008–15

Thomas W. Lambert ’63, Kalamazoo, Michigan, served 1986–2004

William E. LaMothe, Battle Creek, Michigan, served 1976–85 and 1988–90

E. Turner Lewis’63, Brattleboro, Vermont, served 1991–2009

Elizabeth Upjohn Mason H’93, Kalamazoo, Michigan, served 1973–91

Mary M. McLean ’61, Portage, Michigan, served 1990–2008

William C. Richardson, Richland, Michigan, served 1997–2015

James A. Robideau ’76, Van Wert, OH, served 1995-2019

Alan E. Schwartz, Detroit, Michigan, served 1969–72

Ronda E. Stryker, Portage, Michigan, served 1988–2017

Ralph G. Wellington ’68, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, served 1991–96, 2000–05