Physical Education

Instructors: Bailey, Bennett, Burt, Chung, Duimstra, Fink, Giard, Goyings, Hall, Horner, Krajacic, Langeland, Miller, Morrison, Murphy, Ott, Port, Prius, Redko, Rice, Riley, Smith, Shabazz, MK Thompson-Miller, White, Wilson, Yancho, Zorbo

Through its physical education activity requirement and offerings that carry academic credit, the College honors the “sound mind in a sound body” philosophy that is a landmark of a liberal arts education. Several opportunities for healthful activities are housed in the department of physical education which includes intramurals administration and the department of athletics in addition to the cadre of activity classes.

The Physical Education Graduation Requirement

All students shall earn one unit of physical education (PE) activity, which may be met by electing and satisfactorily completing five activities, each equal to 0.2 units, selected from physical education activity classes, intercollegiate athletics, study abroad, and LandSea, subject to the following conditions:

  1. A modified or otherwise specifically planned program will be developed by an advisor in the department for any student having a complete or partial restriction as indicated on that individual’s health record.
  2. Students are urged to complete the requirement over the period of five quarters.
  3. Students may take as many PE activity classes as they desire, but only one unit, or five 0.2-unit activities, will be counted toward the graduation requirement.
  4. All activity courses may be repeated as often as desired, with the exception of Outdoor Leadership and Mind/Body which carries 0.4 units.
  5. Varsity athletes earn .25 units per sport per academic year, and split seasons such as golf will award one activity credit for the academic year, whether the athlete participates in fall or spring or both. Therefore, should a student play 4 seasons of a varsity sport, they will earn the full PE unit. (Effective academic year 2016-2017)
  6. One activity credit for physical education may be granted for each six months of military service or each quarter of ROTC training.
  7. In some instances students may receive PE activity credit for activity classes on study abroad, especially those indigenous to a particular culture. These credits must be certified through the Center for International Programs.

Activity courses include various opportunities. Some courses require that students furnish their own equipment or transportation; some require a modest fee; but one can achieve the full unit with on-campus, non-fee courses. For on-campus fee courses, the fee is charged directly to the student account; for off-campus fee courses, the student pays the instructor as indicated on the course schedule.

Course categories include Fitness, Dance, Sport Skill, Life Skill/Health, Outdoor, Independent Study, Varsity Sports, and Full Unit.

Fitness: Barre, Developmental Swimming, Individual Fitness,  K-Cycle, Weight Training, Interval Training, Yoga, and AM Power Workout

Dance: Ballet (Beginning and Intermediate) and Wellspring Dance Classes

Sport Skill: Badminton, Basketball, Equestrian, Learn to Swim, Pickleball, Racquetball, Scuba, Soccer, Tae Kwon Do (Hapkido), Tai Chi, Tennis (Beginning and Advanced), Ultimate Frisbee Club, and Volleyball

Life Skill/Health: CPR and First Aid, Gardening, Step Up, Tower Bell Ringing, Pollinator Gardening, Composting, Holistic Nutrition, and Cooking Basics

Outdoor: Arboretum Stewardship, Backpacking, Land/Sea and Land/Sea Leadership, Outdoor Leadership (.4 units), River Canoeing, Rock Climbing, Wilderness First Aid and CPR, Snowshoeing, and Mountain Biking

Varsity Sports: Athletes who complete 4 varsity seasons will earn the full PE unit. (.25 units per season)

Full Unit: Athletic Training Practicum and Independent Study

Independent study activity credit is possible for any activity that is not offered on the course schedule, and for which the student has a certified instructor. All independent studies will need a faculty supervisor and approval by the Chair.

Academic Physical Education classes

Academic, full-unit classes are offered through the PE department, although there is no major possibility. The Athletic Training Practicum serves students interested in athletic training, physical therapy, or orthopedic medicine. Independent study full- unit courses are approved by, and done under the supervision of a department faculty member. A syllabus is required, and must be approved by the department chair. These classes are recommended for students interested in coaching, athletics, fitness, or leadership.

Physical Education Courses

PED002Badminton To learn the basics of Badminton and create an active and fun environment.
PED003Basketball Instruction for all levels of skill in the fundamentals of basketball. Emphasis on the development and improvement of total fitness, skill and general knowledge about basketball for leisure time use.
PED006Circus Arts: Aerials The goal of this course is to improve students' fitness through circus arts training. The class will provide a safe and supportive setting in which students will push themselves and each other to work out effectively and wisely. A combination of strength, cardio, flexibility, and balance exercises will complement training on the aerial apparatuses. Students will have the opportunity to explore aerial silk, aerial hoop (also known as lyra), and partner acrobatics. Throughout the quarter, students will learn to form performance pieces out of the skills they acquire.
PED007Circus Arts: Ground Skills The goal of this course is to improve students' fitness through circus arts training. The class will provide a safe and supportive setting in which students will push themselves and each other to work out effectively and wisely. A combination of strength, cardio, flexibility, and balance exercises will complement the training. Students will have the opportunity to explore diabolo, juggling, globe walking, yo-yo, hooping and partner acrobatics. Throughout the quarter, students will learn to form performance pieces out of the skills they acquire.
PED008Equestrian Club Intro to Riding Students must contact the instructor for more information, provide own transportation, and pay lesson fees directly to Cedar Lodge. For students that have little or no experience with horses. Classes will focus on teaching basic ground and riding skills. This class will teach students how to be confident when handling horses both on the ground and while mounted.
PED010Social Dance This is a dance class for all levels with an emphasis on dancing for life events such as weddings, dating, corporate/work events, or just going out with friends. This is a class to learn trendy new dances and classic party moves.
PED014Learn to Swim This class is designed to help those who cannot swim, learn the basics of the sport. This includes comfort level in the water, floating and basic swim strokes. This is an activity worth .2 units.
PED020Beginning Racquetball This class provides instruction for all levels of skill in the fundamentals of racquetball. Emphasis on the basic rules, skill development, and total fitness.
PED021Squash Provides students with appropriate level of knowledge and skills in squash.
PED022Recreational Soccer Instruction and review of basic technical soccer skills. Playing experience in an organized environment is preferred but not required.
PED023Pickleball This class provides instruction for all levels of skill in the fundamentals of pickleball. Emphasis on the basic rules, skill development, and total fitness.
PED024Indoor Rock Climbing This class is mostly self-directed and is held off-campus at Climb Kalamazoo. Students learn basic climbing and belaying techniques for climbing, and must participate in the safety training prior to climbing.
PED027Scuba This class covers equipment setup and equipment breakdown, gear usage on both normal and emergency situations, and equipment-familiarization drills. Open-water training is conducted in local lakes or outside this area with special arrangements. Students who complete all requirements receive a lifetime SCUBA certification from the National Association of Underwater Instructors.
PED030Tae Kwon Do/ Hapkido This class will give you martial arts training which uses Tae Kwon Do and Hap Ki Do in combination to create the Moo Sool Do system. The class will familiarize students with the movements, forms, and philosophies that are used in martial arts. Students will learn the art of using the hands and feet for quality self defense
PED031Tai Chi This class explores the mind/body connections and fitness aspects of traditional Chinese internal style martial arts. Each Class includes internal energy (chi) cultivation exercises, stretching and strengthening exercises, work on learning from an internal style Kung Fu form and work on learning a Tai Chi form
PED032Judo This class teaches the Martial Art / Olympic sport of Judo. In this class you will learn the techniques for throwing, falling, pinning, chokes, and arm bars. You will develop both core and physical strength along with cardio, agility, coordination, balance, flexibility, and confidence. What you learn can be used for sport, self defense, or fitness. Course fee $100 for class and $50 for uniform payable to Snyder Dojo. Class is off campus at Snyder Dojo 6545 Stadium Drive (student must provide own transportation). If you have any questions, call or email Snyder Dojo at 269-365-5667 or
PED033Beginning Tennis Learn many of the basic fundamentals and skills of tennis, as well as learning how to play the game in an enjoyable and active environment.
PED035Advanced Tennis Enhance established technical knowledge and learn the necessary competitive skills for singles and doubles in an enjoyable and active environment.
PED036Ultimate Frisbee Club Sport Student must be a member of the club to elect to take this class.
PED037Volleyball Learn basic volleyball skills and how to train for, and compete on a team.
PED045Beginning Ballet An introduction to the fundamentals of Classic Ballet taught in the Vaganova Method (Russian Style). Emphasis will be placed on basic barre work followed by center work and floor combinations. Consideration will be given to body placement and ballet terminology.
PED046Intermediate Ballet A continuation of Classical Ballet taught in the Vaganoca Method (Russian style) with further emphasis placed on more strenuous barre work, elements of dance history, and pre-pointe. Beginning Ballet I is a prerequisite or permission from the instructor. Prerequisite: Must have taken PED-045 or with instructor permission.
PED047Ballet Company Technique Instructor approval required for this class.
PED048Barre a Terre It is customary for Dancers to both "warm up" before class and to "stretch" afterwards. This class is specifically designed for Ballet Dancers to prepare the body for more intensive activity. However, the class is not exclusive to Classical Ballet and may be useful for those proficient in other forms of dance. Barre a Terre employs a system of non-impact, isometric movements to improve alignment, placement and stability. Exercises are performed on the back, stomach, and side to strengthen and sculpt both the upper and lower body. These sessions provide a most tailored approach to develop core strength as well as facilitate longevity in the joints and muscles. Special attention is provided for prevention of injury through stretching to improve flexibility, balance, mobility, and toning. Attire: loose fitting, comfortable clothes. Hair must be secured and away from the face.
PED049Beginning Ballet II This course continues the introduction to the fundamentals of Classic Ballet taught in the Vaganova Method (Russian Style). Emphasis will be placed on basic barre work followed by center work and floor combinations. Consideration will be given to body placement and ballet terminology.Prerequisite: Must have taken Beginning Ballet or with instructor permission.
PED050Dance Choreography This course explores different choreographic elements that will help add complexity to our work and develop the ability to look critically at every movement within a choreographed piece.Prerequisite: Must have taken previous dance class with Kate Yancho or permission of instructor
PED052West Coast Swing Dance West Coast Swing is a slotted partner dance, danced in six count patterns; however, no partner is required to take this course. During the course, students will learn the basic patterns of West Coast Swing: Left Side Pass, Under Arm Turn, Push Break, Front Tuck, Side Tuck, Basket Whip, Whip, Turns & the Starter Step. The benefits of this course will go beyond a physical skill set; students will also develop a greater sense of self-confidence, communication skills, and networking skills.
PED056Wellspring Dance Classes Join Wellspring/Cori Terry & Dancers, the only professional dance company in Kalamazoo, for our Adult dance courses and earn PE credit. Our classes are taught by company members and other professional dance educators and span a variety of types. For the 10-week quarter, you will be able to choose your weekly class to fit your schedule and interests. This class is off campus.
PED085Interval Training This class is designed to lead participants through a series of cardio and strength training exercises with relatively brief rest intervals in between. Open to all fitness levels and there will be emphasis on exercise safety, technique, progression and modification. The class will use a variety of equipment available on the fitness floor.
PED091Learn to Swim This class is designed to help those who cannot swim, learn the basics of the sport. This includes comfort level in the water, floating and basic swim strokes.
PED092Developmental Swimming This course is designed to improve your comfort level in the water, your overall fitness and aerobic capacity, and is swimming on your own for fitness, logged and turned in on a regular basis.
PED096K-Cycle (Indoor Cycling) This course improves fitness, strength, and discipline through extended stationary cycling workouts.
PED097Individual Fitness Develop an awareness of the importance and value of physical fitness in everyday life. The student is responsible for one meeting per week, and the practice and recording of one's own personal fitness plan.
PED100Kalamazoo Barre Kalamazoo Barre is an off-campus, fun yet challenging, 50-minute workout, inspired by ballet and Pilates. Certified instructors lead the classes which involve small, isometric movements that promote fat burning and interval training.
PED101Barre 360
PED107Pilates This course is designed to take you through the basic moves and components of a Pilate's class: concentration, breathing, quality, focus, body awareness, core control.
PED108Equestrian Club Intermediate Riding Students must contact the instructor for more information, provide own transportation, and pay lesson fees directly to Cedar Lodge. For students with some riding experience, students that have already successfully finished the Intro to Riding class at Cedar Lodge, or students that have taken some lessons at another stable. To enter this class, students must already know how to groom, tack and ride with control at a walk and trot. Class will focus on developing existing skills to a higher level and learning new, more advanced technique. This class may be taken more than once.
PED110Leaps & Turns: Technique for Dance This dance class is focused on leaps, turns, dance conditioning, and flexibility. Students should be prepared for high energy, proper dance attire, and an at-your-level intensive instruction.
PED111AM Power Workout Start your day on a healthy foot in AM Power Workout! Classes will combine elements from many group fitness styles including yoga, Pilates, aerobics, circuit training, dance, and more. This efficient workout will build strength and flexibility while also burning calories. You will be charged up and ready to face another day!
PED116Weight Training Are you looking to increase your strength and incorporate weight training into your fitness routine? This class is geared towards beginner strength & conditioning experience and knowledgebase. This class will develop your knowledge and selection of strength training exercises, technique, safety and workout design.
PED117Advanced Weight Training Learn the fundamentals of weight training while helping each student reach their personal fitness goals.
PED118Beginning Yoga The course provides a foundation in the practice of yoga as a holistic approach to health, vigor, and happiness.
PED124First Aid and CPR This course is designed to teach students the currently accepted procedures and principles for CPR and First Aid to be followed in the event of an accident or sudden illness
PED126Gardening Feel the benefits of gardening to your overall health (mental, physical); understand the fitness/wellness benefits of gardening and gain the basic knowledge and skills needed to grow vegetables that are 100% organic and non-GMO.
PED127Pollinator Gardening In this course, students will engage in work needed to establish and maintain native wildflower plantings on campus, while learning about the different plants and the insect pollinators they attract. Most activities will take outdoors and involve low to moderate amounts of physical activity. No previous experience required.
PED128Composting: Worms, Waste, & Well-Being Composting: Worms, Waste, & Well-being: Students will explore all aspects of the life-death cycle, and practice several food waste composting techniques such as vermicompost, trench compost, and hot compost, as well as learn about the key actors in the composting processes.
PED129Permaculture: Designing With Nature In this course you will cultivate an understanding of permaculture fundamentals and apply these concepts to personal wellness, social relationships, and garden design. Students will develop individual personal wellness design projects and collaborate as a class to create a garden design project that they will implement during Spring quarter.
PED130Cooking Basics Students in Cooking Basics will have the opportunity to learn and practice basic cooking techniques, such as knife skills, pan skills, baking, and basic food preparation. Cooking will be conducted outside of the scheduled class period and students must have access to a kitchen and equipment. Students must provide their own ingredients for class.
PED132Holistic Nutrition The objective of this course is for students to learn the impact of different types of foods, beverages and supplements on their bodies, from energy levels to muscle mass to brain function, inflammatory levels, digestion and more. Students will learn how to apply foundational nutrition principles to best fuel their bodies. They get to be their own n=1 "experiment" and will come away with important insight regarding how best to nourish their unique bodies to achieve their desired level of health and wellbeing. This course will be offered entirely online through the software platform Healthie. Healthie is a HIPAA-compliant platform that allows the instructor to teach students via a live webinar format. Students can access the webinars via their computer or the Get Healthie app. Detailed instructions for how to attend the webinars will be sent to students prior to the first week of class. A new webinar will be offered each week at 3 different time slots. Mondays at 12:15 Tuesdays at 2:15pm Wednesdays at 4pm Students must attend one of those time slots each week in order to receive credit for that week's webinar. Webinars are approximately 40 minutes in length.
PED135Mind/Body I In this course we will explore the body & mind while learning how to become more in tune with them in order to lead a more peaceful life. We will build awareness of our own needs and discover practices that will help us in fulfilling them. It is worth 0.4 credits.
PED140Coaching Methodology
PED150Smoking Cessation This class increases awareness of smoking behavior, to provide strategies and support of cessation, and to increase fitness levels of participants.
PED151Step Up! Be a Leader, Make a Difference Step Up! is a prosocial behavior and bystander intervention program that educates students to be proactive in helping others.
PED155Tower Bell Ringing Stetson Chapel houses one of only 53 English change ringing towers in North America and the only one in the state of Michigan. Change ringing is a team sport, a musical performance, an ancient art, and a challenging pattern-based exercise that involves a group of people ringing a set of tuned bells rhythmically through a series of changing sequences that are determined by mathematical principles. Despite the fact that the bells are heavy (up to a half-ton in Stetson's tower), change ringing is more mental than physical, but you don't have to be an athlete, a mathematician, or a musician to learn. Instruction is one-on-one in conjunction with attendance at weekly practices of the Kalamazoo College Guild of Change Ringers. Open to first-year students and sophomores or with the instructor's permission.
PED156Tower Bell Ringing II For students who have mastered the rudiments of rope-handling and wish to continue developing their skills in change-ringing.Prerequisite: PED-155 or PED-156 or Permission
PED160Arboretum Stewardship Practicum The Arboretum Stewardship Practicum affords students the opportunity to participate in and learn about the management of trails and invasive species control at the college's Lillian Anderson Arboretum
PED163Introduction to Hiking and Backpacking This class will introduce students to local outdoor trails and teach introductory hiking and backpacking skills. An overnight backpacking trip is required.
PED170Michigan Land/Sea Expedition
PED172Introduction to Wilderness Medicine This course will introduce students to first aid practices when help from emergency services is not readily available. Focus will be on the treatment of common injuries, improvisation of medical equipment, and decision-making regarding evacuations. The course will be conducted virtually. For students who reside in Kalamazoo and who are interested, there may be an opportunity to complete a hands-on exam to receive a 2-year Wilderness First Aid certification. Otherwise the course can be completed without certification.
PED174Introduction to Rock Climbing Students must reside in Kalamazoo to take this course. The Introduction to Rock Climbing course will combine instruction related to gaining skills in the sport of rock climbing with weekly climbing activity in an indoor climbing gym. Topics include climbing technique, familiarization with common climbing equipment, climbing knots, belaying, and principles of building top-rope climbing anchors. The course requires an additional fee of $120/$160 (with/without rental equipment) for the gym membership, paid to Climb Kalamazoo.
PED175Outdoor Leadership The Outdoor Leadership course builds on an individual's outdoor skills to further develop proficiency in group dynamics, leadership, map and compass, trip planning, and outdoor living. The course will be conducted virtually.
PED176Intro to Mountain Biking The Intro to Mountain Biking course will introduce students to the principles of mountain biking while utilizing some of the locally available trails in the Kalamazoo-area. No prior mountain biking experience is necessary. A bike and helmet will be provided. Transportation to trails will either be by bike or provided by course instructors using college vehicles.
PED177Snowshoeing This activity-based class will focus on preparing students for winter outdoor travel, with weekly trips to local hiking and snowshoe trails (snow dependent). Students must provide their own winter boots and clothing. Snowshoes will be provided.
PED180Intro to Canoeing The fundamentals of canoeing course offers students the opportunity to learn or hone their flat-water canoeing skills. Paddling session will occur around Kalamazoo.
PED195Men's Intercollegiate Sports
PED196Women's Intercollegiate Sports
PED208Equestrian Club Advanced Riding Students must contact the instructor for more information, provide own transportation, and pay lesson fees directly to Cedar Lodge. For students that are proficient in riding english at a walk/trot/canter while maintaining control in a group. Students should already know their leads and diagonals. This class will be working at a faster pace and students should be ready to work at a demanding level both on their skills and physically. New students will need to be approved.
PED232Advanced Holistic Nutrition Course fee $80 paid directly to the instructor. Students must have phone or computer with technology to attend weekly seminars. Seminars are offered three times a week and students must attend one per week.
PED300Athletic Training Practicum A supervised clinical experience designed to provide exposure to the profession of athletic training and sports medicine. This course will begin to prepare students for careers in allied healthcare, specifically athletic training and physical therapy. Topics addressed will include, but are limited to: prevention, evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries.Prerequisite: Instructor Permission Required.