Brighter Experiences in Research

Brighter Experiences in Research

Marco Savone '22 holding his Senior Integrated Project

The K-Plan empowers students to seek out meaningful experiences throughout their four years on campus. That is certainly the case for Marco Savone ‘22, a senior chemistry major who completed his Senior Integrated Project on exercise physiology, took part in a medical volunteer trip to Costa Rica and worked in a COVID-19 testing lab.  

Looking back on the past four years, Savone sees how far he’s come. He credits his growth to the academics at K, his hands-on experiences completing his SIP, and the lessons in teamwork and time management he learned as a student-athlete on the football field. 

“My experiences wouldn’t have been possible without going to K,” Savone said. “If I had to redo the whole thing again, I would do it the same.”

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