A Kinnell Kindling

1-11-2013 4-37-39 PM

A studentʼs doubts about K are devoured by THE BEAR. Jim VanSweden ʼ73.

Measures of Devotion

1-11-2013 4-32-14 PM

Jothy Rosenberg ʼ78 recalls the “clean start” of K, a matter of dancing, math, and the extraordinary devotion of Professor T.J. Smith.

Service Learning Leadership

1-11-2013 4-24-52 PM

Travis Smith ʼ10 describes his life-changing experience in the Collegeʼs Center for Civic Engagement.

Bowen Paean

Susan Larson ʼ63

Susan Larson ’63 guides the listener through Bowen Hall, basement to theatre aerie (and the incomparable Nelda Balch).

Fun, and Late Minutes

Sally Goddard ʼ62

Sally Goddard recalls campus life in the late ’50s and early ’60s: Lots of fun! … worth every late minute.

Wonderful Woodward

Alex Rigney ’13

A book writing project in a local elementary school made a memorable connection for Alex Rigney ’13.

Practice for a Marriage

-3-2013 4-50-38 PM

Kelly ’82 and Barb (Handelsman) Rigney ’82 share the story of a friendship that grew into lasting love, with the help of foreign study.

Pursue Your Passion

Tom Smith ’55

Chemistry professor and tennis coach Allen Stowe provided some life-changing advice to Tom Smith ’55.

Liberal Arts Hocus Pocus?

Chris Rollyson ʼ82

Not hardly. Business consultant Chris Rollyson ’82 describes how liberal arts passions have a way of working out in unexpected and profitable ways.

London Holiday

Amy (Vargo) Buttery ''82 and Betty (Johnston) Rudolph ''82

When Christmas dinner prep was interrupted by a kidney stone, these K friends crashed a hospital party. Amy (Vargo) Buttery ʼ82 and Betty (Johnston) Rudolph ʼ82 share the story