Employment Outcomes Benefit K Students for a Lifetime

Excellent employment outcomes are one of the hallmarks of a Kalamazoo College education. More in Four, More in a Lifetime is a way of life for alumni who benefit from the career networks they first establish at K.

Employment outcomes an early focus

Kalamazoo College students start preparing for employment their first year on campus when they are introduced to a four-year career exploration plan.

Then, with innovative programs such as K-Treks, 92 percent of our job-seeking students find employment within six months of graduation.

Employment Outcomes

Thanks to generous alumni and friends of the college, Kalamazoo College students can benefit from employment outcomes offerings such as K-Treks. Emerson Brown (counter-clockwise from upper left), Joshua Vance, Christopher Francis, Kriti Singh, Shelby Hopper, Dylan Calloway and Ryan Andrusz participated in this K to the Big Apple trip to New York City.

K-Treks were established in 2014 by K alumnus and TechValidate co-founder Brad O’Neill ’93, who invited four students to San Francisco to learn first-hand about technology careers. Since then, K-Trek programs have grown and expanded to New York City and Chicago, providing students with hands-on, outside-the-classroom opportunities. As a result, they learn to network and discover their prospective careers.

Other employment outcomes offerings include:

  • K-Connect, delivering a database of career-development opportunities including externships, internships, campus jobs and entry-level post-graduate employment, as well as thousands of international career opportunities;
  • Passions to Professions events, providing lunches where students share a casual meal with a visiting professional, and have opportunities to learn more about a career path;
  • recruiting expos, involving an evening with employers and graduate schools and sessions led by recruiters; and
  • the K alumni network, extending opportunities such as the Kalamazoo College Professional Networking Group. The group is an exclusive, career-focused community of individuals with K connections on LinkedIn, helping students prepare for Life after K.

Why it matters

Kalamazoo College has the highest four-year graduation rate in Michigan at 81.5 percent. Students reach lofty goals in their four years at K and have career success when they leave. Students who attend Kalamazoo College graduate with:

K-Treks Targets Employment Outcomes

Kalamazoo College alumnus Brad O’Neill ’93 (center) welcomes K students to San Francisco through the K-Treks employment outcomes program.

  • a great return on investment. Forbes rates Kalamazoo College one of the Top 100 institutions in the nation for return on investment based on post-graduate success, student satisfaction, student debt, academic success and graduation rate;
  • outstanding achievements from higher levels of learning. Kalamazoo College seniors perform in the 99th percentile (at the upper end of the “above expected” range) on the Collegiate Learning Assessment, which measures critical thinking, analytical reasoning, problem solving and written communication skills; and
  • life-changing experiences. Kalamazoo College has been featured in all four editions of Colleges That Change Lives: 40 Schools That Will Change the Way You Think about Colleges, a book that profiles extraordinary colleges and encourages students to select institutions based on fit.

What will you achieve at K and beyond? Apply to Kalamazoo College and find out!