The Kalamazoo Curriculum

For fifty years, Kalamazoo College’s distinctive K-Plan has served as the foundation and focal point of the College's curriculum. The original four components -- on-campus instruction, career service internships, foreign study, and the senior individualized project -- have remained at the heart of the K-Plan experience, augmented and enhanced by new opportunities such as service learning, externships, social justice leadership, and intercultural research projects. Throughout a half century, however, the underlying principles of the K-Plan have remained unchanged:

    * Depth and breadth in the liberal arts;

    * Learning through experience;

    * International and intercultural engagement, especially through study abroad; and

    * Independent scholarship, culminating in the Senior Integrated Project (SIP).

Following these principles, students construct individualized K-Plans combining activities that reflect and expand their own interests. Some activities will integrate multiple K-Plan components, since the principles suffuse and reinforce one another. For example, students may experience depth and breadth in the liberal arts while on study abroad, intercultural engagement through service learning, independent scholarship while participating in a summer internship, or experiential learning while conducting their SIP. Thus, rather than narrowly prescribing a single path for students to follow from matriculation to graduation, the guiding principles in the K-Plan encourage students to navigate their own path to an individualized, integrated liberal arts education, and provides a structure to support them while doing so.

Exploration Across the Liberal Arts

Shared Passages

Foreign Language Learning and Proficiency

Senior Integrated Project

PE/Wellness Unit

Majors, Minors, and Concentrations

Outcomes of a Kalamazoo College Education

This Academic Catalog is current as of May 18, 2022

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