Academic Policies

It is the student's responsibility to be familiar with all policies and procedures of the College. It is ultimately the student’s responsibility to meet all graduation requirements.

Academic policies and procedures are established by the faculty to ensure the integrity of the academic program at Kalamazoo College. The Academic Standards Committee is charged by the faculty to take action on petitions made by students for adjustments to academic rules and policies. A petition must be made in writing and submitted electronically to the Academic Standards Committee. Decisions by the Committee are final; appeals of Committee decisions must be sent to the Committee and must include details that were not included in the original petition that may impact the decision of the Committee. Petitions are available on the Registrar's Website.

Placement and Transfer Information

Enrollment at Kalamazoo College

Withdrawal, Leaves of Absence, and Dismissal from the College

Registration and Student Schedule Changes

Grading Practices

Academic Progress


This Academic Catalog is current as of May 18, 2022

An official catalog is produced each summer for the following academic year and stored in the Archives section of this site. These versions are used for degree audits. Throughout the year, approved changes are incorporated immediately. Updates that have been submitted and approved by early summer will be included in the archival catalog for the next academic year in mid-summer.