Grading Practices

The grade point system at Kalamazoo College is:

Final Grade     Quality Points
    4.00    (excellent)
A-     3.67
B+     3.33
B     3.00    (above average)
B-     2.67
C+     2.33
C       2.00    (average)
C-     1.67
D+     1.33
D     1.00    (below average)
 F     0.00    (failure)

CR (credit), NC (no credit), H (honors), IP (in progress), W (withdraw), and I (incomplete) do not affect the grade point average (GPA).

Grade Reports
Grade reports are made available online to students at the end of each quarter. Printed copies are available upon request. Copies of grade reports will be sent to parents only if students present a signed statement of request to the Registrar.

Course Attendance
Attendance is the responsibility of the student and is regulated within each course. Faculty members may report to the Early Alert Committee those students whose absences may be impairing their performances.

Final Examinations
Examinations are held at the end of each quarter for most courses. Students and faculty are required to follow the exam schedule as set by the Registrar. However, if a student has three final exams scheduled for the same date, one of these exams may be changed by making appropriate arrangements with one of the instructors.

Incomplete Grades
An I (incomplete) is recorded when work is of acceptable quality but has not been finished because of illness or other extraordinary circumstance outside the student's control. If the work has not been completed by the end of the sixth week of the next quarter, the instructor should submit the grade the student had earned by the end of the quarter. This deadline applies whether the student is on or off campus or has left the College.

If a student has been granted a Leave of Absence after the end of a quarter in which he/she has received an incomplete, the incomplete deadline will be extended for one quarter. In this circumstance, the incomplete grade will be due by Friday at 5:00pm week six of the quarter following the first quarter in which the student is on a Leave of Absence. There are no exceptions to this extension unless the student petitions and receives approval from the Academic Standards Committee.

Change of Grade
Students seeking a grade change should contact the course instructor responsible for the grade issued. Both students and faculty should understand that a change in an assigned grade should reflect only identifiable and distinct errors in the evaluation process. Students should initiate this process as soon as possible and no later than the end of the sixth week of the following quarter or within six weeks after graduation or withdrawal from the College. Faculty who identify an error in grading should submit a change of grade form to the Registrar within one year of the original recording. After one year, the transcript record is considered the permanent record.

Cumulative GPA
All courses taken at Kalamazoo College are included in the calculation of the cumulative Kalamazoo College grade point average (GPA), except the SIP, PE activities, other credit/no credit (CR/NC) courses, and repeated courses. When a student repeats a course (for which they received a C-, D, F, W, CR or NC), both attempts will appear on the student's transcript but only the second attempt will be used to calculate the Kalamazoo College cumulative GPA, and only one course unit will be earned. (See the section on Registering to Repeat a Course for more information). Transfer courses and courses taken on study abroad/study away do not affect the cumulative GPA.

This Academic Catalog is current as of Aug 09, 2020

An official catalog is produced each summer for the following academic year and stored in the Archives section of this site. These versions are used for degree audits. Throughout the year, approved changes are incorporated immediately. Updates that have been submitted and approved by early summer will be included in the archival catalog for the next academic year in mid-summer.