Enrollment at Kalamazoo College

Credit is measured in terms of "units." In most cases, a course is equivalent to a single unit. Exceptions include some laboratory courses and a limited number of partial credit courses.

Each Kalamazoo College unit is equivalent to 5 quarter hours or 3.33 semester

Course Load
Kalamazoo College is on the quarter system. Each quarter is composed of ten weeks of class plus an examination week, for a total of eleven weeks. Students normally carry a full-time course load of three units per quarter. This course load enables a student to complete all graduation requirements within 12 quarters.

Students may also, in certain circumstances, underload or overload (carry two or four units).

Students may choose to underload (take less than three units) in a given quarter in consultation with their advisor, the Office of Financial Aid, and the Registrar. Students who are registered for fewer than 2.4 units are not considered fulltime, are ineligible for participation in intercollegiate athletics, and may be ineligible for certain forms of financial aid and insurance coverage. Students who have brought in credits/units from AP, IB, dual enrollment, or transfer may not apply these units toward a specific quarter to offset an underload. Students may carry fewer than two units only under exceptional circumstances, as judged appropriate by the Dean of Students.

Students may be allowed to overload (register for four full-unit courses in a single quarter) after completion of their first quarter of enrollment on a space available basis (as determined by the Registrar) and on the condition that the following requirements are met:

  • First year students: A minimum GPA of 4.00 is required at the time of the overload request and advisor approval is required. First-year students may not overload in their first quarter of enrollment.
  • Second year students: A minimum GPA of 3.50 is required at the time of the overload request and advisor approval is required.
  • Third year students and seniors: No minimum GPA is required; however, students on academic probation may not overload, and seniors may not overload in their SIP quarter. Advisor approval is required.

Residency Requirement
A minimum of 18 full-unit courses must be completed at Kalamazoo College, including 6 of the last 12 courses*. These minimum units exclude units earned on Study Abroad, study away (including GLCA programs), and interinstitutional registration.

*Students on approved programs for 3/2 engineering or health professions early entry programs are not subject to the requirement that 6 of the last 12 course must be at Kalamazoo College.