Lisa Ailstock, (2005), Director of Health Center and Physician Assistant. BS Western Michigan University

Kimberly Jo Aldrich (1982), Director of Alumni Relations. BA Kalamazoo College

David L. Anderson (2003), Director of Admission. BA Hartwick College; MS Syracuse University

D'Angelo Bailey (2017), Assistant Director of Development. BA Kalamazoo College; MPA Western Michigan University.

D'Angelo Bailey (2017), Assistant Director of Development. BA Kalamazoo College; MPA Western Michigan University.

Jennifer Bailey (2016), Fitness and Wellness Director. BS MA MBA Western Michigan University

Timothy Baker (1999), Director of Advancement Services

Kerri Barker (2012), Assistant Director, Alumni Relations. BA Western Michigan University

Reneé Boelcke (2014), Human Resources Director and Title IX Coordinator. BA, Central Michigan University

Catherine Bonnes (2008), Director of Finance. BA, MBA Michigan State University

Lisa Brock (2011), Academic Director, Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership and Associate Professor of History. BA Howard University; MA, PhD Northwestern University

Matthew Brosco (2014), Associate Director of Development. BA Goucher College; JD Oklahoma City University School of Law

Andrew Brown (2016), Media Relations and Online Content Director. BA University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Leslie Burke (2012), Acquisitions and Digital Integration Librarian. BA Cornerstone University; MA University of Michigan

Tracy Campbell-Beckley (2013), Chicago Regional Recruiter. BA University of Michigan; MA Loyola University of Chicago

Elizabeth Candido (2008), College Chaplain and Director of Religious Life. BA Kalamazoo College; MDiv Harvard Divinity School

Natalia Carvalho-Pinto (2016), Director of Intercultural Student Life. BS Ferris State University

Desma Claudill (2001), Manager of Donor Relations

Lesley Clinard (2004), Assistant Director, Academic Advising and Faculty Grants. BA University of Michigan

Jacqueline Cohen (2016), Admission Director. BA Roger Williams University, MS University of Rhode Island

Russell Cooper (1988), Help Desk Administrator. BA Kalamazoo College

Jeffrey Dancer (1997), Network Administrator. BS Western Michigan University

Heather Dannison (2015), Counselor, BA MA Western Michigan University, PhD University of Memphis

Lisa Darling (1999), Director of Publications

Tala Davidson (2011), Advancement Data Analyst. BA Kalamazoo College; MS Temple University

Robert Davis (1998), Colleague System Administrator. BS Western Michigan University

Teresa Denton (2002), Associate Director for Community Partnerships, Mary Jane Underwood Stryker Institute for Service-Learning. BA Adrian College; MSW University of Michigan

Albert DeSimone (2011), Vice President for College Advancement. BS Elmhurst College

Brian Dietz (2007), Associate Dean of Students. BA Mount Union College; MA Bowling Green State University

Gregory Diment (2005), Associate Provost and Chief Information Officer. BA Kalamazoo College

Erika Driver (2016), Counselor. BA Hampton University; PsyD Wright State University

Anne Dueweke (1998), Director, Faculty Grants and Institutional Research. BA Kalamazoo College; MA University of Illinois

Sandra Dugal (2006), Associate Director, Kalamazoo College Fund. BA Albion College

Anne Engh (2013), Director of Biology Lab. BS Iowa State University; PhD Michigan State University

Patrick Farmer (2008), Student Accounts Coordinator. BA Western Michigan University

Kenlana Ferguson (2014), Director, Counseling Center. BA, MA, PhD Western Michigan University

Laura Furge (1999), Associate Provost and Professor of Chemistry. BA Oberlin College; PhD Vanderbilt University

Heather Garcia (2007), Operations Manager, Center for International Programs. BBA Davenport University

Alison Geist (1997), Director, Mary Jane Underwood Stryker Institute for Service-Learning. BGS, MPH University of Michigan

Susanne Gibson (1995), Administrative Assistant to the Provost. BA Western Michigan University

Rudi Goddard (2013), Assistant Director of Admission. BA Kalamazoo College

Jorge Gonzalez (2016), President. BA Monterrey Institute of Technology. MA PhD Michigan State University

Bryan Goyings (2007), Head Coach, Women's Soccer and Athletic Recruitment Coordinator . BA Kalamazoo College

Andrew Grayson (2013), Admission Counselor. BA Kalamazoo College

Sassafras Havilar (2000), Director of Advancement Events. BA Western Michigan University

Joan Hawxhurst (2007), Director, Center for Career and Professional Development and Director of Guilds. BA Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; MA Yale University

Renée Healy (2011), Associate Controller. BBA MBA Western Michigan University

Mia Henry (2014), Executive Director of Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership. BS Rutgers University; MS University of Pennsylvania

Jeanne Hess (1985), Professor of Physical Education and Head Volleyball Coach. BS University of Michigan; MA Western Michigan University

Alan Hill (1992), Associate Director of Counseling. BA, MS Southern Connecticut University; MA Western Michigan University; PhD Miami University

Michael Hodgkinson (2015), Associate Director of Facilities Management, BA MA Western Michigan University

Jane Hoinville (2008), Prospect Research Analyst. BA Polytechnic of North London; MA University of Sheffield

Christy Honsberger (2011), Associate Director, Alumni Relations. BS, MA Western Michigan University

Jorich Horner (2011), Director, LandSea and Outdoor Programs. BS Oregon State University-Cascades

Tiffany Hudson (2016), Kalamazoo College Fund Assistant Director. BA Western Michigan University

Dana Jansma (2000), Associate Dean of Students. BA Hope College; MEd University of Vermont

Ann Jenks (2010), Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations. BS Ohio University

Marcus Johnson (2013), Assistant Director of Admission. BA Baylor University; MA, MFA Western Michigan University

Karen Joshua-Wathel (1999), Associate Dean of Students. BA, MA Western Michigan University

Erin Kelley (2016), Metro Detroit Regional Admission Counselor. BA Kalamazoo College

Julia Kerins (2009), Senior Associate Director of Development. BSBA Tri-State University

Daniel Kibby (2016), Programmer/ Analyst. BA Kalamazoo College

Diane Kiino (2001), Director of Health Sciences. BA Kalamazoo College; MS, PhD Yale University

Ashley Knapp (2015), Area Coordinator. BS Eastern Michigan University, MS Indiana State University

Kristopher Koster (2014), Head Men and Woman's Cross Country Coach. BA Calvin College

Nicole Kragt (2008), Registrar. BS, MA Western Michigan University

John Krajacic (2008), Assistant Coach, Football. BA Kalamazoo College

Jason Kraushaar (2009), Director of Administrative Systems, Administrative Computing

Caitlin Kuhn (2016), Associate Director of 1833 Society. BA Western Michigan University

Ellen Lassiter Collier (2016), Director of Gender Equity. BS MA Northeastern University

Brittany Lemke (2016), Area Coordinator. BA Southern Illinois University; MS University of Central Arkansas

Suzanne Lepley (1998), Senior Associate Director of Admission. BS Western Michigan University

Alayna Lewis (2014), Center for International Programs Assistant Director. BA Michigan State University; MPA Cornell University

Kathryn Lightcap (2000), Graphic/Media Designer. BA, MBA Western Michigan University

Joshua Lull (2007), Programmer/Analyst. BA Davenport University

Donald Mack (1986), Technical and Media Services Director. BS Western Michigan University

Roderick Malcolm (1999), Senior Associate Director of Admission. BS Fitchburg State College

Paul Manstrom (1990), Associate Vice President of Facilities Management. BS Iowa State University

Narda McClendon (1998), Assistant Director, Center for International Programs. BA Western Michigan University

Michael McDonald (2008), Provost. BS Davidson College; MA, PhD Duke University

Ryan McElwain (2012), Assistant Football Coach/Defensive Coordinator. BA DePauw University; MA Western Michigan University

Andrew Miller (2014), Executive Director of Development. BA Kalamazoo College

Katherine Miller (2011), Head Coach, Women's Basketball. BA Mount Union College; MEd Bowling Green University

Terry Miller (1999), Assistant to the USTA Tournament Director. AS Northwestern University Evening Division

Valerie Miller (2013), Assistant Director for External Relations. BA University of Michigan. MS Boston University

Josh Moon (2015), Educational Technology Specialist, BA Michigan State University MA PhD Ohio University

Lisa Murphy (2010), College Archivist. BA Kalamazoo College; MLIS Simmons College; MSc University of Edinburgh

Mark Murphy (2010), Head Coach, Women's Tennis . BA Coe College

Rebecca Murphy (2011), Assistant Director, Financial Aid. BA Coe College

Van Nickert (1987), Athletic Equipment and Facilities Manager. BA Western Michigan University

Stacy Nowicki (2000), Library Director. BA Oberlin College; MM Northwestern University; MLIS Dominican University; PhD Nova Southeastern University; JD Thomas M. Cooley Law School

Lindsay O'Donohue (2008), Director of Prospect Management and Research. BA Western Michigan University

Michael Ott (2012), Head Coach, Baseball. BA Calvin College; MA Western Michigan University

Jaakan Page-Wood (2008), Media Producer and Studio Instructor. BA Michigan State University

Laurel Palmer (2009), Director, Kalamazoo College Fund. BS Cedar Crest College; MA Michigan State University

Katalin Parent (2015), Assistant Athletic Trainer. BS Keene State College. MS California University of Pennsylvania

James Prince (2009), Vice President for Business and Finance. BA Taylor University; MPA Ball State University

Lynnette Pryor (2002), Publications Project Manager. BA Davenport University

Robin Rank (1999), Reference Librarian. BA Kalamazoo College; MILS University of Michigan

Vincent Redko (2014), Men's Lacrosse Head Coach. BA Ursinus College; MS Misericordia University

Jon Reeves (2005), Director of Technical Theatre and Dalton Theatre Manager. BA University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Mark Riley (2007), Head Coach, Men's Tennis with the rank of Instructor in Physical Education, and Director of USTA Boy's 18 and 16 National Championships. BA Kalamazoo College

Heidi Ruiz (2006), Accountant/Internal Auditor. BS Western Michigan University

Melanie Rushing (2014), Head Softball Coach. BA University of Redlands. BS Redlands; MS University of Denver; MA Jacksonville University

Stephen Sanney (2016), Director of Residential Life. BA Albion College; MA University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Kelly Schneider (1985), Associate Director of Financial Aid

Kyle Schulz (2014), Library Circulation Supervisor.BA University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire; MS University of Wisconsin-Madison

Lumumba Shabazz (2012), Head Coach, Men's Soccer. BA Florida International University

Aaron Smith (2005), Systems Administrator

Jay Smith (2016), Men's Basketball Head Coach. BA Saginaw Valley State University; MA Kent State University

Jessica Smith (2016), Women's Lacrosse Head Coach. BS University of Delaware. MS Towson University

Elizabeth Sloan Smith (1993), Reference Librarian. BA Kalamazoo College; AMLS University of Michigan

Paul Smithson (1971), Technical Services and Rare Books Librarian. BA Kalamazoo College; MLS, MLA Western Michigan University

Jacqueline Srodes (2008), Center for Career and Professional Development Assistant Director. BS Grand Valley State University; MA Western Michigan University

Eric Staab (2006), Dean of Admission and Financial Aid. BA, MA Indiana University

Marjorie Stinson (2010), Programmer/Analyst. BA Hope College

Sara Stockwood (2013), Assistant Director, Outdoor Programs. BS University of Maine; MS Texas State University

Marian Stowers (1990), Director of Financial Aid. BBA Eastern Michigan University

Debbie Thompson (2000), Director of the Bookstore and Mail/Copy Center. BA Western Michigan University

Michael Trappen (2016), Assistant Athletic Trainer. BA University of Northern Iowa; MS West Virginia University

Jacob Vanalten (2013), Assistant Baseball Coach and Fields Manager. BA Calvin College MA Western Michigan University

Lynsey VanSweden (2015), Compliance Coordinator & Assistant to the Athletic Director. BS Central Michigan University

Jim VanSweden (1998), Director of College Communication. BA Kalamazoo College; MA Western Michigan University

Hilary Wagner (2013), Director of the Bio-Chem Center.BA Kalamazoo College; MS University of Chicago

Michael Walsh (2010), Director, Chemistry Laboratories. BA Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology; MS Mississippi State University

Jessica Ward (2015), Assistant Registrar. BA Rockhurst University. MS University of Central Missouri

Marcie Weathers (1999), Administrative and Custodial Services Manager, Facilities Management. AAS Denver Technological College

Alex Werder (2015), Admission Counselor. BA Kalamazoo College

Sarah Westfall (2007), Vice President for Student Development and Dean of Students. BA DePauw University; MS, PhD Indiana University

Kathleen White (2014), Interim Head Athletic Trainer.BS University of Wyoming; MS Western Michigan University

Steven Wideen (1998), Sports Information Director. BA Cornerstone College

Margaret Wiedenhoeft (1998), Executive Director of the Center for International Programs. BA Emory University; PhD Western Michigan University

Jennifer Williams (2012), Benefits Manager. MA Western Michigan University

Jessica Williams (2015), Admission Counselor. BA Kalamazoo College

Melanie Williams (2000), Assistant to the President.

Rob Wilson (2016), Payroll Manager. BS Boston College; MBA University of Notre Dame

Linda Wirgau (2000), Operations Manager and Enrollment Data Specialist.

Rachel Wood (2009), Assistant Director, Career and Professional Development. BA, MA Western Michigan University

Kate Worster (2015), Associate Vice-President, Marketing Communications. BA University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

Tim Young (2005), Security Director. BA Spring Arbor College

Peter Zillmann (2000), Systems and Networking Associate

Carolyn Zinn (2003), Director of Web Services. BA Kalamazoo College; MA University of Michigan

James Zorbo, Jr. (2007), Head Coach, Football. BA Kalamazoo College; MBA Western Michigan University

This Academic Catalog is current as of Feb 21, 2018

An official catalog is produced each summer for the following academic year and stored in the Archives section of this site. These versions are used for degree audits. Throughout the year, approved changes are incorporated immediately. Updates that have been submitted and approved by early summer will be included in the archival catalog for the next academic year in mid-summer.