Trowbridge Hall: Ten Provocative Rules for 2nd Floor Newbies

Trowbridge Hall

1)      Enjoy it. 2nd floor Trow has a long and storied tradition of welcoming first years (political sensitivity silliness – you’re a FRESHMAN!) Contribute to this legacy. In a safe way, of course.

2)      Read, know and understand what’s carved over the basement entrance next to Dewaters, “The end of learning is gracious living.” If you don’t learn what is meant by “end” in this context by the time you graduate, you’ve wasted a lot of time and money.

3)      Make friends. I have great friends to this day that I met on 2nd floor in freaking 1973. My significant other (is WIFE too insensitive a term?) and I met on 2nd floor Trow as Freshmen.

4)      Value the differences. OK, this may sound trite, but make it a point to get to know people with different backgrounds. They are with you on 2nd floor Trow. Learn about them and their lives and experiences.  This may be the most important learning you’ll do at K.

5)      Join or create a 2nd floor Trow group. Doesn’t matter what the activity is, just make sure it’s with people from your floor. There will be an event or a character from this activity that you will NEVER forget and you’ll laugh about decades later.

6)      Steal something. Repatriate an object from somewhere on campus and move it to 2nd floor Trow. Don’t ask. It’s just a very lucky tradition. Don’t break the chain. Don’t steal something that would get you arrested! Not from the Bookstore! Even a pine cone from the quad will do.

7)      Sleep late. Get up early.  Wander around.  Make sure you experience Trow at all hours during your time there. It’s a place practically oozing with good vibes and great light and grand dreams. Soak it in. Do this alone.

8)      Sit in your room and talk about important things with people from your floor. Of course you don’t now crap about the world, but you should have long, deep, inspiring conversations about fixing everything that’s wrong.  You’ll laugh about most of these ideas later, but you might just make some of them come true as well.

9)      Ignore the a$$holes. 2nd Floor Trow will have a couple of people that test your patience and resolve and graciousness. There were put there for that purpose. Work hard to pass the test. You’ll need those skills when you leave 2nd Floor.

10)   Love the rain. It’s the climate. If you’re blessed enough to have a window on the parking lot, you’ll hear the rain and the train whistles in the night. Those memories will haunt you, in a good way, for the rest of your life.

Authors Note: I suppose these rules could apply to other floors or even, God forbid, other dorms at K. But I doubt it.

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Darrell Rogers ̛’77

About Darrell Rogers ̛’77

Darrell was an Anthropology/Sociology Major at K. He was also a member of 2nd Floor Trowbridge Millard Filmore Intramural Softball Team (and a Gold Glove Winner), as well as a member of the Men''s Soccer Team (earning all-MIAA honors in 1974). He is currently a Training Specialist at Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City, MI.