Top Four Reasons Why I Play at K


1.  I’m a STUDENT athlete.

At Kalamazoo College, the most important thing in your life as an athlete is still your schoolwork. Every Coach encourages you to make sure that your academic priorities come before your athletic ones.  There have been a handful of times that I’ve needed to skip practice to finish an assignment or take an exam and Coach Kathy has always been extremely supportive.

2. The Coaching Staff.

As I said above, every Coach on campus is extremely supportive of your academic goals, but they don’t stop there. Each Coach is an expert in his/her sport and many of them are constantly making changes to their programs to make sure their training style is the best for their athletes.  During my four years as a swimmer here at K, Coach Kathy has not once structured a season exactly the same as the last.  She is constantly changing and adapted to current training trends and that’s what makes her so successful.


Speaking of success, athletics at Kalamazoo College have a great tradition of winning. Our Men’s Tennis team holds the longest consecutive Conference Championship streak of any sport in any division.  Our Men’s Swim and Dive Team has 28 MIAA titles, more than the next two teams combined.  Beyond the winning and success however, each team here at K has a rich history and tradition behind it.  Team bonding activities that originated decades ago are still an important part of each team’s identity today.


When you join a sport team at Kalamazoo you aren’t just joining a group of guys or gals (or guys and gals) that play that sport that you do.  You’re joining an entire network of athletes that share your same passion for academics and athletics.  Anytime I need help with something whether it’s academic, personal, or maybe I just need helping moving something heavy, I look to my teammates first.  But it’s not just the teammates that you share your four years with that are part of your family.  Athletes that graduated before you were even in diapers might know who you are and make sure that you wear the orange and black with pride.  And after you graduate, your family becomes your professional network, offering to help you pursue whatever career you choose and providing as many resources as they can.

Athletics at Kalamazoo College is more than just a rich history of success on the field, court, or in the pool. Each athlete that walks through our campus emerges a more wholesome human, ready to take on the world beyond the bubble.


Kevin Ewing, ’16 – Men’s Swimming and Diving