On Moments

College, stereotypically, is a time for academic rigor and social fun. Balancing these often can define your time in college. I find myself fluctuating between having an amazing time and being incredibly anxious about my academics.

However, I have found that my favorite moments of almost every quarter I have been at K have come at surprisingly un-academic times.

This quarter, my friends and I often meet on Monday nights to watch The Bachelor (don’t judge, it’s fun!). We hang out, do homework, and enjoy watching the awkward dates while rooting for our favorites.

These times are what define my college experience. While I certainly won’t remember what grade I got on that book review, or how anxious I felt before a midterm, I will remember how much fun we had watching Chris the Bachelor fall in love.

I guess this is a reminder, to myself and to prospective students, that moments come when you least expect it. Moments become memories. While the stereotypical images of college are important and fun, it’s these little surprises that make me enjoy my time at Kalamazoo College so much. And I hope that you all get to enjoy as many of them as I have.

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Claudia Greening ʼ17

About Claudia Greening ʼ17

Claudia is a sophomore at K. She is originally from Royal Oak, a suburb north of Detroit. She hopes to major in History and minor in Religion, with a concentration in Women, Gender and Sexuality. She loves cats, traveling and spending time with friends. She is the Layout Editor of the Index, an Interfaith Student Intern in the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life and a member of KCrew.