Alexandra Altman – Chicago Regional Admission Counselor

Alexandra AltmanAlexandra Altman joined the Office of Admission in August 2018.  While new to admission, Alexandra is not new to K!  Alexandra is a K’97 alumna and formerly served on the Alumni Board and the Board of Trustees for her alma mater.  Her K-Plan began in the Sciences, but through advising and internships, led to Psychology and Sociology classes and study abroad in Strasbourg, France.  One of those internships helped her fall in love with Chicago and she moved there after graduation.  Alexandra went on to complete a Master’s Degree in Child Development at Erikson Institute while pursuing a career in philanthropy at the McCormick Foundation.  She still lives in Chicago with her husband (they met at K!) and teenage daughter, and enjoys biking, volunteering with children, and spending time with friends.

Hometown: Grosse Ile, MI

Favorite Food: Cheese and chocolate, but not together

When you visit Kalamazoo, you must… check out the downtown!  It’s not far from campus and has some of the best restaurants and breweries.  Also, the Lillian Anderson Arboretum, Kalamazoo Nature Center and countless biking/hiking trails to explore!

Favorite question from a prospective student: “Can I do it all?”  Yes, thanks to the open curriculum at K, YOU CAN!  You can play a sport and be a great student, you can participate in theater and major in science, you can study abroad and still graduate in four years…the list goes on and on!

Favorite college memory: Certain road trips, international travel adventures, and on-campus shenanigans come to mind, but meeting my lifelong friends and husband definitely top the list!

Advice for prospective students: Visit campus to see how it feels and have an open mind about what you want to study.  College is the perfect time to pursue your interests and hone in on what you love to do.  Be willing to take a class or join a club that might be outside your comfort zone!  And go on LandSea!