Homeschool Students

Kalamazoo College values the diverse experience homeschool students bring to our campus. Because we want to evaluate each homeschool student’s unique curriculum and experience, we require that in addition to completing the Common Application for admission, all homeschool students must:

  • Interview with an admission counselor. This interview may be conducted on campus (recommended), off-campus, or via Skype. Contact your admission counselor to schedule an admission interview.
  • Submit additional letters of recommendation. In addition to the required teacher recommendation letter (which may be completed by a family member who fills that role), you must submit one additional reference from a non-family member, such as a tutor, employer, or coach.
  • Provide an academic portfolio. If you are working through a national degree-granting organization, or if you are taking courses at a community college or other post-secondary institution, please submit your transcript. If you are working independently of such an organization, please submit a detailed syllabus that lists the subjects studied each year and a brief description of each course. If no grades are provided, please include the narrative evaluation for each course.

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