Comfort Zone

With nothing more on my plate than a few classes and simply managing the transition from high school to college, I was overwhelmed by all of the opportunities to get involved on campus during fall quarter. I’ve found, now that I’ve settled in, that Kalamazoo College is the perfect place to dive in head-first and try new things, even if you (like me) are a little late to the game.

This winter, I joined Model UN and ended up having a great time learning about historical topics and developing public speaking skills. I was thrilled to test out my new knowledge at my first conference in Chicago, where I represented a person in the early Indian empire and dealt with crises that arose as my committee worked to establish ourselves as a nation.

Three students involved in Model U.N.

(I’m on the far left)

A few weeks ago, I began another new endeavor: drawing cartoons for The Index. Every week, I’m responsible for drafting visual representations of a section in the newspaper called Sh*t K Professors Say, in which students submit hilarious quotes from their teachers to share with the student body. The caption of the cartoon shown below, for example, is “College is not the time to be righteous, or self-important.” Look for these every Wednesday when the Index is printed!

A drawing of an angel drinking and smoking with a broken halo near Stetson Chapel

In terms of stepping out of my comfort zone, participating in both of these new activities has been a huge success; I’ve been able to meet new people and be a part of groups that don’t necessarily fit within my intended major. I’m excited to join the cross country team next year and get involved with even more student organizations.

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About Shelby Tuthill ‘17

Shelby is a sophomore at Kalamazoo from Grand Rapids, MI. She is involved in Model UN, K Crew and cross country on campus in addition to drawing the occasional cartoon for the school newspaper, The Index. She hopes to major in psychology but still loves reading, painting and writing. She has enjoyed being a research assistant for psychology professor Dr.Liu this year.