Combating the Cold

Things can get a little dull by around 7th week of Winter Term. It’s too cold to casually be outside for any amount of time, and Spring Break is a bit too far in the future to sustain high spirits through the rest of the term.

Here are some of the ways I have been successful in preventing/combating the glum that can come along with this time of year:

1) Art. It’s relaxing, it’s creative, and it’s a break from staring at your computer or textbook.

Through my job with the Vine Neighborhood Association, I helped organize and host an event in which residents carved tiles to be put in the upcoming Oak Street Community Garden. It was beneficial to the garden project, certainly, but it also rewarded me (and hopefully everyone else involved) with hope, smiling faces, and thoughts of spring and growth.

Music might be your thing too. Make music or listen to music or both. I just found out that my favorite band is going to be in Kalamazoo next term, so I know that news will keep my spirits high for a while!

2) Exercise. It’s just good for you. And if going to the gym is not appealing to you, join the dance club Frelon and go to the rehearsals for your favorite types of dances, or even choreograph your own dance.

3) Get off campus. It does not matter how or in what capacity. Plan a date night with your friends, bundle up, and walk over to a nearby restaurant. If it’s not too cold, go downtown. If good food and a new environment are not motivating enough to get you off campus, join a trip through the college’s Outing Club. The club has trips just about every weekend, as well as taking a group to the big rock climbing wall downtown during the weekday. Last weekend, I went ice skating for $3. It was just what I needed!


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Alexandra Smith ʼ16

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Alexandra is a Junior from Corvallis, Oregon who is currently studying abroad in Clermont-Ferrand, France. She is a double major in French and International Studies with a minor in Economics. Sophomore year, Alexandra led a program for the Center for Civic Engagement at K and was a Co-President of the club Zookeepers. She loves dancing, painting, writing, eating, and travelling.