OrangeZest is the College’s class memory book that is designed and edited by K students. It replaces the College’s yearbook, and is a record of each graduating class’ four years at K.

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Class of 2016


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2016 Orange Zest
2015 Orange Zest
2014 Orange Zest
2013 Orange Zest
40 Years by Land & Sea
2012 Orange Zest
2012 Orange Zest
2011 Orange Zest
2011 Orange Zest
2010 Orange Zest
2009 Orange Zest
2008 Orange Zest
Orange Zest 2008 cover
2005 Boiling Pot
2004 Boiling Pot
2003 Boiling Pot
2002 Boiling Pot
2001 Boiling Pot
2000 Boiling Pot
1999 Boiling Pot
1998 Boiling Pot
1997 Boiling Pot
1996 Boiling Pot
1995 Boiling Pot
1994 Boiling Pot
1993 Boiling Pot
1991 Boiling Pot
1990 Boiling Pot
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OrangeZest is not created every year and is based on the

OrangeZest is supported by the Office of Alumni Relations and the Office of College Communications. Thank you to all of our faculty, staff, student and alumni contributors for making this project possible!

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