Senior Class Giving

Hey Seniors! We are your 2013 class agents, and we want to introduce you to the Senior Class Gift. The dollars raised through the Senior Class Gift are designed to provide funding for scholarships, professors, and other vital needs.

All seniors are encouraged to show their Hornet pride by making a gift of $20.13 in honor of the Class of 2013. You may also give another gift amount that is meaningful to you.

Senior Class Giving Challenge: 52%

This year, as in past years, the Class of 2013 has been provided with a generous challenge.

The Challenge: To have 52 percent or more of our class participate in the Senior Class Gift program with a gift to K.
The Philanthropy: A generous alumnus who believes in the power of philanthropy through participation and meaningful giving will give $10,000 in response to the Class of 2013 reaching 52 percent or more participation with a gift to K.
The Outcome: Collectively, gifts made by the Class of 2013 and a generous alumnus support scholarships, faculty, and provide resources to help increase the visibility and vitality of Kalamazoo College. These gifts help bring students to K, retain students, and provide vital resources for students while on campus.

Our generosity will ensure that current and future K students have the same opportunities we did.

A proud tradition: At K, seniors come together to leave their mark through Senior Class Giving.

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