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Kalamazoo College students in Dr. Tan's Social Development class asked 4th graders in Mr. Todd Patrick's Art class at the Woodward School for Technology and Research (WSTaR) to create slogans and design posters to address the problem of school bullying. If you are interested in the pedagogical goals of this project, click here.

We are proud to display the posters on this site, accompanied by brief commentaries. A poster describing this project was presented at the 2005 conference of the American Psychological Society's Teaching Institute. To view the poster click here.

Click on thumbnails to view full poster






Kalamazoo College students: Andrew G. Alexander (K'04), Theresa V. Horn (K'05), Katia E. Jorgensen (K'06), Selena Kim (K'06), James A. Pollock (K'04), Elizabeth F. Ralstrom (att. '01-04), Natalie R. Stephenson (K'04), Hilary L. Stratton (K'04), Rachelle A. Tomac (K'05). Instructor: Siu-Lan Tan. WSTaR: Our fourth-grade artists' first names appear with their posters. Instructor: Todd Patrick.

This site was created by Theresa Horn.