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The Cool Bus
The Cool Bus, Anonymous

****Class' Favorite Site
***Highly Recommended

****Bullying Online
This site was voted Best Web Site by our class:  it is excellent.  It has links to advice for parents and children in general areas as well as in legal issues. There are also links to bullying policies, tips from former victims of bullying, and what to do if you are being bullied outside of school. We recommend the links to the problem pages for parents and children because they give real life examples of problems and advice. This site is good for children, parents, and teachers.

***Bullying at School Information
Gives general advice for children who are being bullied as well as some advice primarily for friends and siblings of those who are bullied. There are also some good examples of what should be considered in a school policy for bullying that is recommended for school administration to read. This site is good for teachers and for children.

***Bullying, No Way!
This site has an attractive layout and offers useful resources for teachers, parents, and children.  We especially recommend the "Resources" and "Idea Box."

***Education World - Stop Bullying Now!
This site is particularly useful for teachers because it offers good activities to give to students to promote awareness of bullying.

***No Bully
This site offers pages for children and for parents and teachers. We suggest that school administration specifically look at the link to guidelines for schools. Children, parents, and teachers can all benefit from looking at this site.

***School Bully OnLine - Child Bullying and School Bullying
This site offers links to advice for children, parents, and teachers. We recommend the link to "Bully OnLine" where there are many links to various aspects of adult bullying, including steps to take in designing an anti-bullying policy that can be modified for schools. We recommend this site primarily for adults.

**Bully B'Ware - Take Action Against Bullying
This is a good site that includes information on different types of bullies and victims. There are also brief synopses of the long-term outcomes of bullies and victims. This site is especially useful for adults.

**Childline Organization
This site focuses on helping children understand bullying.  It asks and answers many common questions children may have about bullying.

**Miami State High School - Anti-bullying Unit
This site gives links to information about bullying, including a page for children and a page with links for parents. There are also some other links to bullying websites. We recommend this site especially for parents and children.

**Safe Child Program - Dealing with Bullies
This site gives some general information about bullying, including what to do if your child is the one being bullied or if your child is the bully. This site is especially good for parents.

**Safe Culture Project - Effective Prevention of Bullying
This site offers some advice on how to prevent bullying in the schools. There are also some reasons as to why just discipline does not work. This site is good for teachers.

**Stop Bullying Now
This site is mostly about the work of Stan Davis, a guidance counselor who used to go to different schools to talk about bullying. The site has a link to excerpts of different letters from children who have seen Stan Davis and what they have learned from him about bullying. There are also links to a series of articles about bullying. This site is most beneficial for adults, although the letters from children are good for children to read.

*Anti-Bullying Network
This site offers advice and information for children, parents, and school staff. It contains advice and information for what children can do themselves as well as what adults can do in the classroom, at school, and at home as well as resources for reading. This site has some good information for children and parents, but it is especially recommended for teachers and school administration.

*Bullying in Schools - ERIC Digest
This site gives some general information about bullying, including characteristics of bullies and victims and some tips for intervention. This site is good for adults.

*Scottish School Board Association - Anti-bullying
This site gives advice and tips to parents and children. It also provides a link to the Bullying at School Information site. This site is good for parents and children.