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Pedagogical Goals

Dr. Tanís goals were:

  • To give 4th graders an opportunity to express their feelings and ideas about school bullying in words and pictures
  • To give college students insight into 4th grade childrenís understanding about school bullying, complementing their theoretical knowledge of the topic presented in class
  • To give college students an opportunity to raise childrenís awareness about the problem of bullying by:
    (i) generating anti-bullying slogans together;
    (ii) listening and asking questions, and
    (iii) synthesizing and reinforcing a few positive themes that emerged in discussions.

    Mr. Patrickís goals were:

  • To teach 4th graders how to plan, sketch, draw, and color effective posters
  • To teach 4th graders how pictures and words in art can be used to convey a message or to persuade