Honors Day 2013

Congratulations to the following Kalamazoo College students, who received awards during the Honors Day Convocation, November 1, 2013, in Stetson Chapel. The awards include all academic divisions, prestigious scholarships, and special non-departmental awards.


THE BRIAN GOUGEON PRIZE IN ART, awarded to a sophomore student who, during his or her first year, exhibited outstanding achievement and potential in art.
Lucy MacArthur

Emily Walsh

THE LILLIAN PRINGLE BALDAUF PRIZE IN MUSIC, awarded to an outstanding music student.
Geon-Ah Shin
Alexandra Szeles

THE FAN E. SHERWOOD MEMORIAL PRIZE, awarded for outstanding progress and ability on the violin, viola, cello or bass.
Rina Fujiwara

THE MARGARET UPTON PRIZE IN MUSIC, awarded each year to a student designated by the Music Department Faculty as having made significant achievement in music.
Kieran Williams

THE COOPER AWARD, for a junior or senior showing excellence in a piece of creative work in a Theatre Arts class: film, acting, design, stagecraft, puppetry, speech.
Jane Huffman

THE SHERWOOD PRIZE, given for the best oral presentation in a speech-oriented class.
Emily Stillman

THE THEATRE ARTS FIRST-YEAR STUDENT AWARD, given to a sophomore for outstanding departmental efforts during the first year.
Esprit Autenreith
Emily Walsh


THE LEGRAND COPLEY PRIZE IN FRENCH, awarded to the sophomore who as a first-year student demonstrated the greatest achievement in French.
Jennifer Cho
Stephanie Heard
Alexandra N. Smith

THE HARDY FUCHS AWARD, given for excellence in first-year German.
Muyang Sun

THE MARGO LIGHT AWARD, given for excellence in second-or third-year German.
Emily Walsh

THE ROMANCE LANGUAGES DEPARTMENT PRIZE IN SPANISH, awarded for excellence in the first year in Spanish.
Keith Garber
Michael Lindley
Nadia Torres

THE CLARA H. BUCKLEY PRIZE FOR EXCELLENCE IN LATIN, awarded to an outstanding student of the language of the ancient Romans.
Kaitlyn Greiner

THE PROVOST’S PRIZE IN CLASSICS, awarded to that student who writes the best essay on a classical subject.
Taylor Hartley


THE O. M. ALLEN PRIZE IN ENGLISH, given for the best essay written by a member of the first-year class.
Mallory McClure

THE JOHN B. WICKSTROM PRIZE IN HISTORY, awarded for excellence in the first year’s work in history.
Isabelle Ciaramitaro

THE VOYNOVICH COMPETITIVE SCHOLARSHIP, awarded to a first-year, sophomore or junior who writes the most creative essay based on a selected topic in the alternating areas of Religion and Science.
Tessa Moore

THE L.J. AND EVA (“GIBBIE”) HEMMES MEMORIAL PRIZE IN PHILOSOPHY, awarded to that sophomore who in the first year shows the greatest promise for continuing studies in philosophy.
Brian Dalluge
Sarah Werner

THE DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY PRIZE, awarded for excellence in any year’s work in philosophy.
Riley Cook
Charles Davis
Morgan Jennings


THE WINIFRED PEAKE JONES PRIZE IN BIOLOGY, awarded for excellence in the first year’s work in biology.
Reid Blanchett
Lucy Mailing
Elizabeth Penix

THE DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY PRIZE, awarded for excellence in the first year’s work in chemistry.
Matthew Kuntzman

THE FIRST-YEAR CHEMISTRY AWARD, awarded to a sophomore student who, during the first year, demonstrated great achievement in chemistry.
Katherine Cebelak
Nadia Torres

THE LEMUEL F. SMITH AWARD, given to a student majoring in chemistry pursuing the American Chemical Society approved curriculum and having at the end of the junior year the highest average standing in courses taken in chemistry, physics, and mathematics.
Sara Adelman

THE COMPUTER SCIENCE PRIZE, awarded for excellence in the first year’s work in computer science.
Natalie Davenport
Fayang Pan

THE FIRST-YEAR MATHEMATICS AWARD, given annually to the sophomore student who, during the first year, demonstrated the greatest achievement in mathematics.
Paige Maguire
Sarah Manski

THE THOMAS O. WALTON PRIZE IN MATHEMATICS, awarded to a member of the junior class for excellence in the work of the first two years in mathematics.
Tibin John
Philip Mulder
Fayang Pan

THE COOPER PRIZE IN PHYSICS, given for excellence in the first year’s work in physics.
Sarah Manski


THE DEPARTMENTAL PRIZE IN ANTHROPOLOGY AND SOCIOLOGY, awarded for excellence during the first and/or second year’s work.
Annaliese Collier
Gabriel Frishman
Shannon Haupt
Brandon Siedlaczek

THE C. WALLACE LAWRENCE PRIZE IN ECONOMICS, awarded annually to a pre-business student who has done outstanding work in the Department of Economics and Business during the sophomore year.
William Cagney
David Personke
Lilian Taylor
Thomas Verville

THE IRENE AND S. KYLE MORRIS PRIZE, awarded for excellence in the first year’s courses in the Department of Economics and Business.
Spencer Kennedy
Bo Gyoung Lee

THE WILLIAM G. HOWARD MEMORIAL PRIZE, awarded for excellence in any year’s work in political science.
Audra Hudson

THE DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY FIRST-YEAR STUDENT PRIZE, awarded for excellence in the first year’s work in psychology.
Elizabeth Penix

THE MARSHALL HALLOCK BRENNER PRIZE, given by family and friends in memory of Marshall Hallock Brenner (Class of 1955), to be awarded to an outstanding junior for excellence in the study of psychology.
Ian Good


THE DIVISION OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION PRIZE, awarded to those students who as first-year students best combined leadership and scholarship in promoting athletics, physical education and recreation.
Jacob Lindquist
Lucy Mailing

THE MAGGIE WARDLE PRIZE, awarded to that sophomore woman whose activities at the College reflect the values that Maggie Wardle demonstrated in her own life. The recipient will show a breadth of involvement in the College through her commitment to athletics and to the social sciences and/or community service.
Mallory McClure


THE GORDON BEAUMONT MEMORIAL AWARD, awarded to the deserving student who displays qualities of selflessness, humanitarian concern, and willingness to help others, as exemplified in the life of Gordon Beaumont.
Paula Dallacqua
Roxann Lawrence

THE HENRY AND INEZ BROWN PRIZE, awarded in recognition of outstanding participation in the College community.
Jessie Owens

THE VIRGINIA HINKELMAN MEMORIAL AWARD, awarded to a deserving student who displays a deep concern for the well-being of children, as demonstrated through career goals in the field of child welfare.
Raven Fisher

THE F. W. AND ELSIE L. HEYL SCHOLARSHIP to Kalamazoo College provides tuition, room, and books for select students who are graduates of Kalamazoo Public Schools or the Kalamazoo Area Mathematics and Science Center and who are majoring in the Sciences or Mathematics.
Robert Brice Calco
Quinton Colwell
Andrew Kaylor
Madison McBarnes
Colleen Orwin
Graeme Timmeney
Eric Thornburg
Raoul Wadhwa

THE POSSE SCHOLAR PROGRAM provides leadership scholarships for public high school students from Los Angeles, California with extraordinary academic and leadership potential. Students are selected for their intrinsic leadership abilities, their skill at working in a team setting, and their motivation and desire to succeed.
Erin Byrd
Kaitlyn Courtenay
Moises Hernandez
Richard Hernandez
Emily Kowey
Francisco Lopez
Jose Lopez
Jessica Magana
Aaron McKay
Phylicia Samuel
Yaneli Soriano

JOHN T. WILLIAMSON SCHOLARS – This scholarship fund was founded in recognition of the work and efforts of John T. Williamson to further the growth of education for our youth. The J.T. Williamson is awarded to black and Hispanic students for their outstanding academic achievements.
Isabela Agosa
Lucas Arbulu
Nathan Arcienega
Alberto Ayala
Maribel Blas-Rangel
Vanessa Boddy
Sarah Bragg
Viola Brown
John Clark
Caitlyn Cook
Quincy Crosby
Amanda Crouch
Bianca Delgado
Olivia Finkelstein
Samantha Gleason
Marlon Gonzalez
Janelle Grant
Brenden Groggel
Mireya Guzman-Ortiz
Fatoumata Hanne
Kyle Hernandez
Jordan Hessbrook
Natalie Hettle
Allia Howard
Yohana Iyob
Janay Johnson
Kourtney Johnson
Siani Johnson
Ebone Jones
Bryan Lara
Gabriela Latta
Jaime Lazcano
Gabriel Lind
Bailee Lotus
Malikah Mahone
Blanca Moreno
Gabriel Ovsiew
Stephany Perez
Nicholas Polzin
Joshua Robison
Rogelio Ruiz
Kaylah Simmons
Kylah Simmons
Oyindamola Sunmonu
Benjamin Toledo
Carmen Torrado-Gonzalez
Natalie Vazquez

THE ENLIGHTENED LEADERSHIP AWARDS are merit-based scholarships created to enhance and reflect the spirit, culture and values of our campus community. As a college with a rich history of excellence, we award students each year who show personal dedication and involvement in the following areas: Social Activism and Community Engagement, Creative Expression, International Activism, Sustainability and Environmental Activism.
Kyle Lampar
Vethania Stavropoulos
Ian Williams
Helena Marnauzs
Chiara Sarter
Katherine Ballew
Gwendolyn Balogh
Bianca Delgado
Valentin Frank
Hannah Lehker
Kelan Gill
Gabriela Latta
Dallas Pallone
Stephany Perez

ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA is a national honor society that recognizes excellence in academic achievement during the first college year. To be eligible for membership, students must earn a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 and be in the top 20 percent of their class during the first year. The Kalamazoo College chapter was installed on March 5, 1942.
Ayaka Abe
Reid Blanchett
Francisco Cabrera
Willina Cain
Kathryn Callaghan
Olivia Cares
Isabelle Ciaramitaro
Annaliese Collier
Brian Cunningham-Rhoads
Susmitha Daggubati
Miranda Doepker
Rachel Dranoff
Marie Fiori
Joshua Foley
Angela Fong
Keith Garber
Evan Gorgas
William Gribbin
Nora Harris
Stephanie Heard
Pornkamol Huang
Audra Hudson
Jessica Kehoe
Spencer Kennedy
Bo Gyoung Lee
Elizabeth Lenning
Madeline LeVasseur
Jacob Lindquist
Riley Lundquist
Madeleine MacWilliams
Lucy Mailing
Sarah Manski
Mallory McClure
Molly Meddock
Gabrielle Montesanti
Chloe Mpinga
Yunpeng Pang
Elizabeth Penix
Jung Eun Pyeon
Emily Salswedel
Cameron Schwartz
Lauren Seroka
Alexsandra Siems
Alexandra Smith
Mira Swearer
Nadia Torres
Alexander Townsend
Elizabeth Tyburski
Sarah Wallace
Emily Walsh
Jared Weeks

THE NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLARS are chosen based on their abilities, skills, and accomplishments as evaluated through student’s academic record, information about the school’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’s curricula and grading system, test scores, a high school recommendation, information about the student’s activities and leadership, and an essay.
Liam Lundy

MIAA TEAM AWARDS – These 12 teams earned the 2009-10 Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association Team GPA Award for achieving a 3.3000 or better grade point average for the entire academic year.
Men’s Basketball
Men’s Cross Country
Men’s Golf
Men’s Soccer
Men’s Swimming and Diving
Women’s Basketball
Women’s Cross Country
Women’s Golf
Women’s Soccer
Women’s Softball
Women’s Swimming & Diving
Women’s Tennis

MIAA ACADEMIC HONOR ROLL – The Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association each year honors students at MIAA member colleges who achieve in both the classroom and in athletic competition. A student must be a letter winner in a varsity sport and maintain at least a 3.5 grade point average for the entire school year.
Abby Anderson
Giancarlo Anemone
Alexander Armstrong
Nicholas Beam
Tyler Benmark
Nicholas Bolig
Amanda Bolles
Travis Braun
Kelly Bresnahan
Erran Briggs
Aaron Bunker
Rayanne Burl
Francisco Cabrera
William Cagney
Olivia Cares
Edward Carey
Cody Carr
Brandon Casto
Kathryn Chamberlain
Taylor Clements
Holly Cooperrider
Brock Crystal
Rebecca Cummins-Lanter
Rachel Dandar
Abigail DeOchoa
David DeSimone
Miranda Doepker
Benjamin Dueweke
Trenton Dykstra
Taryn Edsall
Kristen Ellefson
Alan Faber
James Frye
Keith Garber
Jared Georgakopoulos
Mark Ghafari
Cierra Gillard
Ian Good
Evan Gorgas
Alexandra Gothard
Emily Gray
Virginia Greenberger
Alexandra Groffsky
Guilherme Guedes
Dagan Hammar
Stephen Hanselman
Sally Harrison
Kenneth Heidel
Jordan Henning
Robert Hilliard
Jacob Holloway
Benjamin Hulbert
Tibin John
Evan Johnson
Katherine Johnston
Daniel Karn
Grace Kelley
Spencer Kennedy
Michael Korn
Rory Landis
Colin Lauderdale
Elizabeth Lenning
Jacob Lenning
Jacob Lindquist
Emily Lindsay
Christopher Lueck
Shane MacDonald
Dane Macdonell
Lucy Mailing
Megan Malish
Sarah Manski
Scott Manski
Megan Martinez
Gina Massari
Caitlin McCarthy
Mallory McClure
Quinn McCormick
Adam McDowell
Megan McLeod
Molly Meddock
Jordan Meeth
Bradley Merritt
Matthew Mills
Alexander Minch
Michael Minkus
Gabrielle Montesanti
Kelsey Moran
Alexandra Morris
Alexander Numbers
Michael Paule-Carres
Bronte Payne
Adam Peters
Margaux Reckard
Maria Rich
Sophie Roberts
William Roberts
Ryan Rohatynski
Connor Rzeznik
Kira Sandiford
Lauren Seroka
Aaron Schoenfeldt
Cameron Schwartz
Dylan Shearer
Jacqueline Short
Charlotte Steele
Alexandra Stephens
Sarah Sullivan
Nicholas Sweda
Emerson Talanda-Fisher
Brett Thomas
Allison Thompson
Alexander Townsend
Elizabeth Tyburski
Stephanie Verbeek
Samantha Voss
Cameron Wasko
Loren Weber
Jared Weeks
Clayton Weissenborn
Joseph Widmer
Cheryl Zhang
Agron Ziberi
Marc Zughaib




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