Great Leaders

They are great teammates, adept at leading and following. They speak articulately and they listen justly. They are athletic captains, student organization officers and participants. They may see what others see but often dream what few others do. They are the kind of people who believe that a significant piece of what it means to be human is developing and using that part of our soul which exists in relationship to others. Kalamazoo College recognized 31 seniors with the 2012 Senior Leadership Recognition Award this month.

Pictured are (l-r): front row—Tanjanequa McMeans, Ellen Murphy, Caitlyn Van Gelderen, Rachel Cohan, Meredith Quinlan, Paula Silverman; second row—Melba Sales-Griffin, Katy Grue, LaShawn Etheridge, Sandrene Zilikana; third row—Ben Ensroth, Heather Russon, Molly Waytes, Jennifer McCutchen, Katy Sly, Joanne Heppert, Obineche Nnebedum; fourth row—Jacob Arnett, Dalton Simancek, William Schlaack, Hannah Reischl, Anna Miller; back row—Max Wedding, David Pimentel, Daniel Pohanka, Dion Bullock, Jacob Price, and Mark Denenfeld. Not pictured are Zena Blake-Mark, Leonidas Caldwell, and Kelsey Hassevoort.