Goodlander to Perform Traditional Balinese Shadow Puppet Performance

Jennifer Goodlander ’97 will perform a traditional Balinese wayang kulit, or shadow puppet performance, Thursday May 17, 5pm, Dungeon Theatre, Light Fine Arts Building. Admission is free and open to the public.

Wayang kulit is an ancient Indonesian art of shadow puppet theatre that combines ritual, lesson, and entertainment. Goodlander manipulates (and gives voice to) intricately carved and hand-painted puppets, each a unique character with a specific role in a given story.

Many of her puppets were created for her by I Wayang Tunjung, the dalang, or puppet master, in Indonesia with whom she has studied extensively. Goodlander recently joined the faculty at Indiana University as an assistant professor of theatre. During her visit to K, she will meet with students in Professor of Theatre Arts Ed Menta’s Asian Theatre Class.