Impact Report 2013-2014

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How Kalamazoo College Fund Gifts Made a Difference



At K, learning experiences occur in the classroom, the library, and around the world. Kalamazoo College Fund gifts provide essential learning materials and help K attract, support, and retain outstanding professors. In 2013-2014, more than 450 students participated in civic engagement programming, investing more than 22,400 hours in the local community.


The fund raised more than $2 Million (for the first time in school history!) • Gifts of $150 or less totaled $174,813 • Students wrote 600 thank-you cards to donors on Tuition Freedom Day • Young alumni (2003-2013) contributed more than $14,000 in a single day • The 1833 Society grew to 603 members


Many current students would not be at K without the crucial support provided by donors like you. According to a New York Times analysis, K ranks as the 12th most “economically diverse top college” in the nation for enrolling a large number of low- and middle-income students. Your gift ensures a more economically diverse student body.


From internships to athletics to student organizations, these experiences allow students to apply what they learn in and out of the classroom. In 2013-2014, sixty students occupied themed Living Learning Houses, together organizing 16 campus-wide events in which they shared their learning with the K community. This unique program emphasizes our dedication to infusing all aspects of the K experience with experiential learning opportunities.


Campus security and information services are 
two examples of the work being done behind the scenes to keep students safe and the campus functioning at its peak.


Our remarkable facilities management crew maintains buildings, fixes brick roads, beautifies the campus, and teaches students about recycling and sustainability. In 2013-2014, Following recommendations made in a student research project, we acquired two Earth Tubs for composting large amounts of food waste from the cafeteria. These new teaching tools will also produce compost for campus landscaping, thereby reducing waste and saving money.

K’s 2013-2014 operating budget. As an unrestricted source of revenue, the Kalamazoo College Fund supports all of these areas.

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