Learn How to Walk Away. Raven, age 9.

Raven’s picture is set on a playground. Her slogan is “Learn how to walk away.” It starts with two kids on swings. The “bad” child doesn’t like his swing so he tells the “good” child to get off of his swing. So the “good” child walks over to the monkey bars and the “bad” child gets on the swing. Then the “bad” child walks over to the “good” child again. The “good” child says, “’Why do you keep following me?’” and walks back over to the swings, climbing onto the coveted swing again. The “bad” child says, ‘”Get off! I was on that swing!” The “good” child explains, “But you got off,” and leaves. [No fighting ensues because the “good” child has learned to just walk away.] —Hilary Stratton (Kalamazoo College student).

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