Just Because Someone is Different From You Does Not Give You the Right to Bully Them. Laura, age 9.

Laura had many great ideas for a slogan. One of her favorite was “You do not have the right to Bully.” As she continued brainstorming, I asked her why she thought that people bully others. She explained that sometimes people bully others who are different. I could see her working through the slogan, and her eyes glowed with excitement to tell me of her new slogan: “Just because someone is different from you does not give you the right to bully them.” She drew two girls on a swing set. The bigger girl is the bully, who yells at the other girl that her skin is ugly. The other little girl responds by saying “So? It’s my skin.” Laura told me that the little girl says this because she likes her skin, and the Bully never picked on her again because that was not what the bully thought she would say. —Rachelle Tomac (Kalamazoo College student).

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