Don't Be Hurtful. Jewel, age 9.

Jewel decided to use the slogan: “Don’t be hurtful.” To represent it, she said she drew worms (which she labeled as “caterpillars” in the picture). The worm bully is taking away a banana from another worm. As she drew, the Bullying story about her picture became a lot more elaborate. She drew butterflies and ladybugs that were friends with the bullying worm and told him not to take the banana from the other worm (“Don’t do that!”). They were also friends with the victim, telling him to run (“He’s coming to get your food” “Run!”). Jewel also devised a story about why the bully was being mean, saying that the bully worm had just gotten a phone call that his mom and dad had broken up. And then when the worm went for recess, a human almost stepped on him. So, to make himself feel better he wanted to make someone else sad and cry too, and that is why the worm stole the banana from the other worm. Jewel added that it did not make the bully feel better, only worse. —Rachelle Tomac (Kalamazoo College student).

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