Please Don't Bully Me Because I Might Bully You Back. Danny, age 9.

Danny’s slogan was “Please don’t bully me because I might bully you back.” He drew 4 quadrants with arrows between them to illustrate the patterns and consequences of bullying behavior. Quadrant 1 (top left) shows a bully pushing someone. Quadrant 2 (below it) shows the victim crying. Quadrant 3 (top right corner), depicts the angered victim pushing the bully back. And Quadrant 4 depicts the bully—who had now turned into the victim— crying. It was interesting to see that there is an arrow between the Quadrant 4 and 1. This illustrates Danny’s new understanding of how the way that we treat bullies can also affect how they treat others, thus starting the cycle again.—Elizabeth Ralstrom (Kalamazoo College student).

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