Institutional Reaccreditation

Purposes of the Self-study

Our self-study process has two primary purposes. The first is to complete a written, detailed, evidence-based analysis of the institution that demonstrates that the College meets the five HLC criteria for accreditation:

  1. Mission and Integrity. The organization operates with integrity to ensure the fulfillment of its mission through structures and processes that involve the board, administration, faculty, staff, and students.
  2. Preparing for the Future. The organization's allocation of resources and its processes for evaluation and planning demonstrate its capacity to fulfill its mission, improve the quality of its education, and respond to future challenges and opportunities.
  3. Student Learning and Effective Teaching. The organization provides evidence of student learning and teaching effectiveness that demonstrates it is fulfilling its educational mission.
  4. Acquisition, Discovery, and Application of Knowledge. The organization promotes a life of learning for its faculty, administration, staff, and students by fostering and supporting inquiry, creativity, practice, and social responsibility in ways consistent with its mission.
  5. Engagement and Service. As called for by its mission, the organization identifies its constituencies and serves them in ways both value.

Through a careful and thorough analysis, we hope to accomplish the second of the self-study purposes, namely, identifying opportunities for institutional improvement and the resources and processes to realize these opportunities.