Ph.D. Productivity

Baccalaureate Origins of Doctorate Degrees

Outranking many prominent schools, Kalamazoo College ranks 13th among the nation's four-year liberal arts colleges for the percentage of graduates who go on to earn doctorate degrees. Kalamazoo College is the only Michigan college or university among the top 25 institutions nationally.

These findings come from the latest report issued by Higher Education Data Sharing (HEDS) Consortium. Kalamazoo's 14th place ranking is based on the proportion of students going on to earn doctorate degrees from 1997 to 2006. Among colleges and universities, Kalamazoo ranks 21st in PhD production.

Kalamazoo College is ranked among the top 50 for all institutions in thirteen specific fields:

Foreign Language 6th
Biology 7th
Chemistry 9th
English & Literature 16th
Physical Sciences 17th
Economics 18th
Psychology 20th
Humanities 25th
Mathematics & Computer Science 26th
Physics 27th
History 31st
Sociology 32nd
Social Sciences 46th

From the 2010 Higher Education Data Sharing (HEDS) Study based on data from the National Science Foundation’s Survey of Earned Doctorates.

Weighted Rank
Liberal Arts Colleges and Universities,
All Disciplines, 1997-2006

California Institute of Technology 1
Harvey Mudd College 2
Reed College 3
Swarthmore College 4
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 5
Carleton College 6
Grinnell College 7
Bryn Mawr College 8
University of Chicago 9
Oberlin College 10
Harvard University 11
Princeton University 12
Yale University 13
Haverford College 14
Pomona College 15
St. John's College (MD) 16
Rice University 17
Williams College 18
Amherst College 19
Wesleyan University 20
Kalamazoo College 21
Stanford University 22
Brown University 23
Wellesley College 24
Macalester College 25
Earlham College 26
Hampshire College 27
Simons Rock College of Bard 28
Lawrence University 29
Johns Hopkins University 30
Vassar College 31
Beloit College 32
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology 33
Cornell University 34
Trinity University (TX) 35
Bowdoin College 36
Duke University 37
Columbia University 38
Smith College 39
Case Western Reserve University 40
Hendrix College 41
Mount Holyoke College 42
St. John's College (NM) 43
College of William and Mary 44
Dartmouth College 45