Biochemistry & Molecular Biology


The Concentration in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Required Courses
In Biology:
BIOL 246: Cell and Molecular Biology with Lab
BIOL 352: Biochemistry with Lab (note: same as CHEM 352, need only do one)

In Chemistry:
CHEM 220: Organic Chemistry II with Lab
CHEM 310: Chemical Therodynamics and Kinetics with Lab
CHEM 352: Biochemistry with Lab (note: same as BIOL 352, need only do one)

One additional course in Biology or Chemistry – choose either:
BIOL 420: Advance Molecular Genetics with lab, or
CHEM 460: Advanced Biochemistry with Lab

In Mathematics:
MATH 112: Calculus I
MATH 113: Calculus II

In Physics:
PHYS 150: Introductory Physics I with Lab
PHYS 152: Introductory Physics II with Lab

Prerequisite Coursework
BIOL 112: Evolution and Genetics with Lab
CHEM 110: Chemical Composition and Structure with Lab
CHEM 120: Chemical Reactivity with Lab
CHEM 210: Organic Chemistry I with Lab

In accordance with College policy, concentrators in biochemistry and molecular biology must pass the required courses with a C- or better.