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Disasters, Culture, and Society Syllabus

Professor Lee Clarke
Rutgers University

This course is about some key ideas and case materials on disaster and society. We will read, and discuss, broadly. There is no single field of study regarding disaster. It is an inherently interdisciplinary pursuit. Several themes transect the readings: notions of vulnerability, what makes social systems break down, how to use disaster as a window into how people think and behave. Contrary to how it may appear at first glance, disasters are phenomena that are about organization and disorganization. Just as you can’t understand divorce without having some conception of marriage, or deviance without normality (and so on), so do you need to think about “routine” life along with disrupted life. These themes will arise as we talk about the material.

To access the complete syllabus, please click on the online version of the Disasters, Culture, and Society syllabus.

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