Faculty Development

Rochelle Rojas Discusses Spanish Witch Trials_fb Fellowship Assures a Unique Look at Spanish Witch Trials (9/16/2020) - In standing up to inquisitors, a local court from Pamplona in the Basque region of Northern Spain smuggled more than 150 people accused of witchcraft away from the Spanish Inquisition for the sake of conducting 30 independent trials in the 16th and 17th centuries. Left behind was one of the richest records of witch trials in Spain,
Tabernacles of Clay Religion Chair’s Book Offers ‘Glimmers of Hope’ for LGBTQ Mormons (6/29/2020) - An often-forgotten member of the religious right and its views on gender identity are the subjects of a historical book released this month by Kalamazoo College Religion Department Chair Taylor Petrey. Petrey said the post-World War II views of Evangelicals and conservative Catholics are well-documented, as they traditionally reflect political opposition to feminism, same-sex relationships and trans
Shanna Salinas tenure 2 Three Faculty Members Earn Tenure (6/22/2020) - Three Kalamazoo College faculty members from the English, music and political science departments have been awarded tenure. The tenure milestone recognizes excellence in teaching, scholarship and service to the College, and signifies its confidence in the contributions these professors will make throughout their careers. The following faculty members were approved by the Board of Trustees for tenure
World Bee Day Flowers Plan Bee: Cut Insecticides, Preserve Habitat (5/20/2020) - There’s been a buzz in the national news as Asian hornets, also called murder hornets, have appeared for the first time in the northwestern U.S. The two-inch-long invasive insects have frightening stinging power and are significant predators of honeybees. As the world marks World Bee Day on May 20, Kalamazoo College Biology Professor Ann Fraser said she
Art in Distance Learning_fb Technology Empowers Art in Distance Learning (5/18/2020) - In examining how Kalamazoo College students, faculty and staff have adjusted to distance learning this spring, it’s easy to see the community’s ingenuity in shifting from in-person instruction. For example, if it’s true that art imitates life, what is an art professor to do when distance learning forces a college’s classes online? If you’re Sarah Lindley, the
Day of Light Laser Lab Day of Light Helps Spotlight Laser Lab, K Professor (5/15/2020) - With Kalamazoo College’s motto being Lux Esto, or Be Light, it makes sense that the International Day of Light, celebrated each year on May 16, is significant for some in the K community. The date marks the anniversary of the first successful operation of a laser in 1960 by physicist and engineer Theodore Maiman, and calls on
cMUMMA HOME 2018 0291.JPG Founders Day Marks K’s 187th Year, Honors Three Employees (4/24/2020) - YouTube video: President Gonzalez surprises honorees with news of their awards Kim Aldrich ’80, Kalamazoo College's director of alumni engagement, is this year’s recipient of the Lux Esto Award of Excellence. The award, announced Friday to celebrate Founders Day marking the College’s 187th year, recognizes an employee who has served the institution for at least 26 years
Santiago Salinas trailer fb Professor’s Creative Trailer Motivates Biology Students (4/6/2020) -   When Assistant Professor of Biology Santiago Salinas learned that Kalamazoo College would be transitioning to distance learning for the spring semester, he knew how he felt. “I was bummed,” said Salinas. Without meeting face-to-face in a classroom or lab, how would his students connect? How would they grasp the hands-on skills they would traditionally experience in
Chris Ludwa Virtual Choir_fb Virtual Choir Reprises Notes of Normalcy (3/31/2020) - When Kalamazoo College moved to distance learning for the spring term, Assistant Music Professor Chris Ludwa was initially wary about how his day-to-day teaching could change. As the director of K’s College Singers, Lux Esto Chamber Choir and Kalamazoo Bach Festival, Ludwa has maintained a constant belief in the power of connections formed during rehearsals — to
Distance Learning_fb Faculty, Staff Prepare for Distance Learning (3/23/2020) - A social media meme circulating of the late children’s TV star Mr. Rogers is reminding people to “look for the helpers” in a crisis. When that crisis is COVID-19, which has forced Kalamazoo College to switch from in-person to distance learning this spring, those helpers for students are K faculty and staff. Distance learning, defined as cooperative