Senior Class Agents

Kalamazoo College Senior Class Agents

The class agent position is a unique two-part volunteer opportunity.

As a senior, your primary role is to:

  • Help educate your classmates on how philanthropy supports their current experience as Kalamazoo College students.
  • Build lasting relationships with as many members of your class to carry into your alumni years.

As an alum, your role will involve maintaining relationships with classmates and encouraging them to stay connected with the College through meaningful forms of engagement.

Class Agent Application

Who are Class Agents?

There are about 140 alumni currently serving as class agents and they span the globe and the decades from the 1950s to the Class of 2022. Class agents form one of the College’s largest alumni volunteer networks, making it a great way for you to network and connect with alumni.

Class Agent Responsibilities during your Senior Year

  • Participate in ongoing training sessions during fall, winter and spring quarters to help you prepare to talk to your peers about how gifts to the Kalamazoo College Fund create access and how philanthropy to K supports their student experience.
  • Encourage seniors to make a gift in the suggested amount of $20.23. This gift amount can be split between the Kalamazoo College Fund and another area of giving interest.
  • Make your own gift in the suggested amount of $20.23 to the Kalamazoo College Fund. You can also split your gift to include an additional giving interest.
  • Participate in regular meetings with Kalamazoo College Fund staff to receive training about campus resources, philanthropy and College Advancement. Collaborate with other senior class agents to help ensure philanthropy through financial support.
  • Help organize events for seniors and be in attendance as a representative of the Kalamazoo College Fund to help facilitate giving and engagement among your peers.

Class Agent Responsibilities as an Alum

  • Maintain your personal giving to the College with an annual gift to the Kalamazoo College Fund. We encourage you to give to other interests in addition to a gift to the Kalamazoo College Fund.
  • Write a fundraising letter to your classmates on an annual basis.
  • Attend and encourage others to attend alumni events.
  • Assist in planning reunion events and reunion giving solicitations every five years.
  • Keep in touch with classmates and encourage them to keep their information updated in the K Alumni Directory so they can stay connected with the College, classmates and other K alumni.
  • Thank donor classmates for their generosity through hand-written notes, emails, social media, and/or phone calls/texts to extend gratitude and encourage annual giving.
  • Serve as an advocate for the Day of Gracious Giving and Kalamazoo College Fund appeals through social media and other outreach.
  • Keep classmates up to date on all things K.


  • Have an interest in building class unity as seniors and after graduation as alumni.
  • Be willing to represent the College, the Kalamazoo College Fund and fundraising initiatives to support Financial Aid, Faculty Excellence and Resources and K’s Highest Priorities.  
  • Be comfortable starting conversations with friends and classmates about financially supporting the College by making their first gift to K.
  • Possess an energetic, outgoing and friendly demeanor.
  • Be able to work independently and as an active member of a class agent team. 


  • Make a gift prior to the launch of the Senior Gift Campaign in the suggested amount of $20.23. You may split your gift between the Kalamazoo College Fund and another priority of interest. Your gift will help set the tone for the Class of 2023 Senior Gift Campaign.
  • Understand that you are working with the Kalamazoo College Fund (KCF) and your goal is to primarily help others learn about the impact a gift to KCF has on K students. 
  • Attend events and meetings.  
  • Sign a confidentiality agreement upon receiving the position. 

Class Agent Application


The Kalamazoo College Fund staff will support your training and serve as a resource throughout your time as a class agent. For more information about the role and to answer your questions, please contact:

Sandy Dugal
Associate Director, Kalamazoo College Fund
Coordinator, President’s Student Ambassadors