Learn More about our Student Callers

Phonathon callers are student leaders who are passionate about Kalamazoo College. Callers share how alumni, parents and friends of the College can support the student experience by giving to the Kalamazoo College Fund. In addition, callers enjoy comparing notes with alumni by chatting about academics, study abroad, civic engagement, extracurricular activities and all things K – even the squirrels on the quad! Student callers gain valuable life skills and make great connections.

Why Join the Phonathon Team?

  • It’s fun! Enjoy the benefits of a rewarding, engaging work environment while earning some extra cash. Phonathon provides a great opportunity to meet other students and learn from communication with alumni.
  • Flexible hours. Shifts are short, and most callers work 2-3 shifts per week. Student callers have a choice in their schedules, making it easy to work around classes, study and extracurricular activities.
  • Gain experience. Student callers gain invaluable experience in interpersonal and professional communication skills, critical thinking, networking, negotiating and teamwork. Phonathon calling is a strong addition to your resume, too.
  • Make an impact. Have you or a friend received a scholarship or financial aid? Do you know a classmate who wouldn’t be here without their scholarship? The Kalamazoo College Fund supports scholarships and that’s why we need great student callers. Working with the Phonathon is a good way to give back to the College and to ensure that future K students are able to benefit from the same opportunities you had.
  • Pizza! If the above reasons weren’t enough, FREE food is also part of the student caller experience.

How to Apply

Kalamazoo College conducts two phonathon campaigns during the academic year, one during Fall Quarter and one in Winter Quarter. Our next phonathon will be held from February 12 through March 3, 2022.

Apply at phonathon.com with the code KZOO22S. Once your application is submitted, an interviewer will call you.

Student caller positions will begin on Sixth Week Saturday, February 12, 2022 and conclude the evening of Ninth Week Thursday, March 3, 2022.


Please contact Laurel Palmer, Director of the Kalamazoo College Fund at 269.337.7282 or lpalmer@kzoo.edu.

Become a K Phonathon Student Caller!
Become a Kalamazoo College Phonathon Student Caller!