Center for Environmental Stewardship Naming Opportunities

You can make a contribution to help endow the Center for Environmental Stewardship with a gift of any amount. Gifts made at certain thresholds provide you with the opportunity to name a fund.

Program Director Position $1,000,000
Program Operating Budget $1,000,000
Program Fund $250,000
Summer Environmental Stewardship Fellowship $100,000
Environmental Leader Corp Student Support $80,000

Program Details

Summer Environmental Stewardship Fellowships

Fellowships through the Center for Environmental Stewardship support multiple projects that advance environmental stewardship and sustainability in the Kalamazoo community, including focuses on carbon sequestration, gardening in community, and land conversation, as well as self-designed opportunities.

Environmental Leader Corp

The Environmental Leader Corp is a group of environmental student leaders who develop and implement education and sustainability programs for Kalamazoo College’s campus, the Lillian Anderson Arboretum and the greater Kalamazoo community.


Sara Stockwood, the full-time director of the Center for Environmental Stewardship and Lillian Anderson Arboretum, coordinates the College’s efforts to infuse sustainability across the curriculum, to develop new course offerings, and to integrate these curricular initiatives with student organizations and other experiential learning opportunities. The Center’s director serves as a research mentor allowing more students to explore environmental concepts in their scholarly and creative work.