2020 Virtual Baccalaureate Ceremony


0:01A note from Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Candido '00, College Chaplain
1:25Musical Intro with campus scenes
7:05Danette Ifert Johnson, Provost
8:40Class of 2020 Memories - Music by Kalamazoo College Singers, "Light of the Clear Blue Morning", soloists Abby Dickstein & Julia Leet, Conductor Chris Ludwa, Arrangement by Craig Hella Johnson
12:12Hanna Jeung '20, We all Become Light, Robert Vazquez Pacheco
14:00Mansi Dahal '20, Please Bring Strange Things, Ursula K. LeGuin
15:08Sara Bamrick, Assistant Director of Student Activities
19:39Brenden French '20, Reflection of the Light
24:38Binney Girdler, Professor of Biology
28:47Leslie Garcia '20, Reflection on the Light
35:05Francisco J. Villegas, Assistant Professor of Sociology
42:12Martin Hansknecht '20, Reflection on the Light
47:56Class of 2020 - More Memories - Music Performed by Kalamazoo College Singers, "Unclouded Day" Arrangement by Shawn Kirchner
50:36Jorge G. Gonzalez, President of Kalamazoo College
56:27Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Candido '00, College Chaplain