Campaign Leadership

Campaign Leadership

Jorge Gonzalez

The Brighter Light Campaign is a critical component of K’s strategic plan. By contributing to this fundraising campaign—through gifts large and small, through time, through word of mouth—you can help K continue to develop and inspire future leaders and citizens of the world.

Jorge G. Gonzalez, President

To guide and support our efforts in the Brighter Light campaign, we invited alumni and friends of the College to be a part of our campaign leadership team. We are grateful to these volunteers for their abiding affection for the College and their unwavering commitment to K and its future.

Campaign Co-Chairs

Amy Upjohn

“I am so excited about this campaign and the focus on endowment, because it will have the greatest impact on the College as a whole, as well as individually to our faculty, staff and students. This is an opportunity for me to give back to an institution that has had a huge impact on a community I love and have lived in all my life.”

Amy Upjohn

Jim Heath '78

“When students come to K, it’s not just about becoming a physics major or getting a job. It’s really about transforming young people’s lives and teaching them that learning never ends. Contributing to this campaign and being able to further this mission is really important to creating a brighter future and, ultimately, a brighter world.”

Jim Heath ’78

Campaign Leadership Committee

Eugene Bissell, III ’78
Judith Bollinger ’77
Charlotte Hall ’66
Si Johnson ’78
Nahrain Kamber ’01
Hans Morefield ‘92
Don Parfet
Christopher Reynolds ’83
Jon Stryker ’82

Advancement Leadership

Karen Isble, Vice President for College Advancement

Andy Miller ’99, Executive Director of Development

Lindsay O’Donohue, Senior Director, Constituent Programs and Annual Giving